Food labels

Stand out, communicate essential information, enhance consumer safety, add functionality to the package and even protect the quality and freshness of the food product.


Compelling design, increased safety and enhanced sustainability

Heat, moisture and cold can have an impact on the performance and longevity of the label. The label material you choose will be partly defined by the conditions the product is likely to face during its lifetime. Our food labeling experts can help you choose the best label solution to meet your brand vision and food safety requirements. Request a copy of the food labeling guide or talk to our experts today.


Food labels and sustainability

Food packaging represents a large share of the packaging business. We work towards a smarter future in labeling by putting an ecodesign approach at the forefront of product development. Always aiming higher, we support food brands in their efforts to reach their sustainability targets while continually improving our own processes. To accomplish this, we engage a vast network of people and organizations working in fields from raw material sourcing to packaging and design.   


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What’s the right label material for you?