It's time to switch to sustainable alternatives and close the packaging material loop

​A product label is the single most important driver of the packaging brand experience, making people fall in love with the product, recognize, and return to it. Labels are also an integral part of sustainable packaging, and consumer demand for sustainable products and solutions has never been higher.

Our future-proof packaging solutions are helping the packaging industry to switch to more sustainable, eco friendly packaging alternatives and close the packaging material loop. Partnering with converters, brand owners, raw material suppliers, and other vital influencers enables UPM Raflatac to turn innovations into leading solutions and a competitive advantage for our customers. Together we can be the changemakers of this industry and create a future beyond fossils.


Level up the sustainability of your packaging with the four Rs – ​
Reduce, Recycle, Renew and Reuse

All of our solutions are made of responsibly sourced materials. But for the brand owners and label printing companies eager to take the next leap in sustainable packaging, we recommend solutions from the sustainable R categories. Make your product the best alternative for your customers and be at the forefront of creating a better future.


Lower your environmental impact and reduce the strain on natural resources by using label materials that are resource-optimized.


Reduce the pressure on using virgin feedstocks by shifting to label materials that include recycled materials.


Move beyond fossils by choosing label materials made with verified sustainable and renewable resources.


Promote circular economy by choosing label materials that support recyclability and enable recyclable packaging, or allow for reuse. 


Learn from experts – Downloadable guides to contemporary labeling


Dive deeper into different areas of sustainable packaging


Leading the way in sustainability –
The UPM Raflatac approach

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging options is higher than ever before. To answer the call, brand owners are setting ambitious climate and circularity targets, replacing virgin fossil-based raw materials in their supply chains, and taking steps to create a waste-free future.

UPM Raflatac acts as a label industry forerunner in sustainability, offering cutting-edge solutions, sustainable manufacturing, and responsible sourcing. Sustainability affects all areas of the organization, from continuous innovation in sustainable products to committing to landfill-waste-free production methods by 2030. Discover how our commitment to sustainability is revolutionizing the sustainability of your product.