All our materials are responsibly sourced

Raw materials are one of the most significant sources of environmental impact in our business, making responsible sourcing our top priority. According to McKinsey, two-thirds of the average company’s environmental, social, and governance footprint lies with suppliers. We carefully select suppliers who act responsibly and support them in improving their sustainability, performance, and business model. Our customers can be assured of the responsible sourcing of all solutions we offer for their products.


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Continuous innovation enables the improved
sustainability of our solutions

The share of renewable and recycled materials in our labeling solutions is continuously increasing. We constantly innovate new products from certified, renewable, and recycled raw materials to supplement our wide-ranging, sustainable label portfolio.



100% responsibly qualified material spend by 2030

Our target is to have our entire raw material spend qualified in accordance with the UPM Supplier and Third-Party Code, which sets our socially, environmentally and economically responsible conduct goals.

UPM Supplier Code


Growing the share of renewable and recycled materials

On our journey beyond fossils, we utilize renewable and recycled materials as an alternative to reduce the use of fossil resources and enable a circular economy.


100% certified papers

All our purchased papers are certified, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable sourcing. Our operations carry both FSC™ (FSC C012530) and PEFC (PEFC/02-31-196) chain of custody certifications.

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The four components of our responsible sourcing collaborations

Internal compliance as a foundation for responsible sourcing

Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing guidelines as key documents in ensuring internal compliance

Transparent supplier requirements

The UPM Supplier and Third-Party Code outlies our minimum requirements for ethical conduct

Systematic supplier risk assessment

Supplier due diligence periodic risk assessments and detailed questionnaires

Continuous supplier development in collaboration

Supplier audits, shared development projects and collaboration


The responsibility of our solutions is transparent and third-party validated

We promote responsible forest management with group-level commitments for wood sourcing, and by adhering to internationally accepted principles of sustainable forestry. Furthermore, we create cutting-edge labeling solutions from renewable raw materials, such as Forest Film™.

Responsible forest management

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Renewable plastics

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We're taking responsible manufacturing to new heights with the Biofore Site™ program

Sustainability is a key priority at our label material production sites. The Biofore Site program aims to build a culture of sustainability and measures factory performance based on nearly 40 indicators.


What is the Biofore Site program?

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the framework that governments, businesses, and civil society use to drive sustainability. With those goals in mind, UPM Raflatac developed the Biofore Site program that aims to improve the sustainability performance of our production sites. To achieve that, our factory teams create site-specific roadmaps to reach sustainability targets and track progress on a Biofore Site scorecard.

Sustainable development goal 12
Sustainable development goal 13

What does the Biofore Site program measure? 

The scorecard has approximately 40 performance indicators for UPM Raflatac operations. Filled out annually by each site, it touches on sustainability measures such as waste generation, energy consumption, diversity and inclusion, well-being and safety performance.


The Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains

The Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG) requires companies operating in Germany to conduct appropriate human rights and certain environmental due diligence in their supply chains. This includes maintaining a risk management system, conducting regular risk analyses, issuing a policy statement, laying down preventive measures, taking remedial action, establishing a complaints procedure as well as documenting and reporting.

At UPM Raflatac, responsible and compliant business activities in both manufacturing and supply chains are firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. Information about UPM Raflatac’s handling of the Supply Chain Act can be found in statements on UPM Certificate Finder.


Building a culture of sustainability at our units

Read stories from our production sites to see how we are labeling a smarter future for the generations to come.

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