Transparency, continuous improvement, and sustainable values at the core of all our services

By committing to transparency and responsible practices across the value chain, we aim to provide our stakeholders with complete confidence in the ethicality and sustainability of our actions. All actions at UPM Raflatac must meet the high standards of fully transparent sustainability targets and achievements, as well as good governance and compliance with laws, regulations, and the UPM Code of Conduct.

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UPM Social responsibility

We contribute to the well-being of our stakeholders by caring for the health and safety of our employees and local communities, leading responsibly, and supporting causes we care about.


Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing is in our DNA. By securing a sustainable supply chain, we create high long-term value for our stakeholders and ensure the continuation of our business.


Our ISCC PLUS certificates

UPM Raflatac has numerous ISCC PLUS certified factories and a network of certified terminals globally. UPM Raflatac’s ISCC PLUS certification scope covers bio, bio-circular and circular film laminates as well as bio, bio-circular and circular adhesives.

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Our consistent work and excellent performance in varied aspects of responsibility has brought us recognition as an industry leader in international indices. The acknowledgment from numerous external parties validates the fruitfulness of our efforts.