Packaging design matters – discover the defining packaging design trends of this decade

From improving sustainability to translating the visceral and tactile impact of physical products into the digital space, to even telling a great story – every product will be designed and packaged to create further experiences and connect with the consumer. As packaging design trends keep evolving with new innovations and phenomena, we sat down with experts of the packaging world to establish an extensive overview of the ultimate trends.

Read on as we decode the different packaging design trends that will shape the future of packaging design for years to come, and download the full report to discover what experts have to say about each theme.


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Trend 1 – Impact of e-commerce on packaging design trends

With shopping moving online at a rate unimagined just a couple of years ago, brands are rethinking how they treat the package and the product. Packaging has become an increasingly vital part of the shopping experience and a way for brands to differentiate from competitors, while innovative designs ensure easier distribution through e-commerce platforms.



Trend 2 – Sustainability affects packaging design trends on multiple levels

Recent years have seen growing consumer awareness about the need for more innovation in sustainable packaging and the perils posed by single-use plastics. Packaging sustainability has become a necessity that is reflected in packaging design trends on many levels, from the use of new innovative raw materials to reusable packaging, and even utilizing a QR code to communicate the origin of the product transparently. As Adam Ryan, Head of Pentawards, puts it, "Brands these days have to design for sustainability first."


Trend 3 – Art in packaging design trends

From colors to patterns and illustrations to textures and minimalistic designs, digitalization provides a whole new palette of tools for packaging designers who are making packaging design the equivalent of fine art. Brands and designers are experimenting with new packaging design techniques to stand out, including layering, embossing and marbling, and even AR. The future could see consumers attending virtual pop-up art exhibitions or other kinds of interactive events.



Trend 4 – Hygienic packaging design trends

The pandemic has taught us to be wary of our surroundings and of touching surfaces and objects. This is expected to vastly impact packaging design trends, with brands gearing up to introduce packaging that ensures greater health and well-being. Among the various measures taken, brands and packaging designers are looking into using anti-microbial coatings or naturally bacteria-resistant packaging materials.


Trend 5 – Conveying the story of the product

In the digital era, packaging design plays an essential role in conveying the brand story and the ecological and ethical values behind the product. Without the physical in-store brand experience, packaging becomes one of the few physical elements that consumers interact with when making a purchase. People want to know more about the value chain of the products they consume and whether it fits their sustainability goals.


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