Removable adhesives

Our removable labels use specifically designed adhesives that create a secure bond while still allowing the label to be removed without leaving any residue, tearing the label or damaging the surface.


Holds when you need it, removes when you don’t

Removable labels offer a light, temporary fixing that can cope with the stresses of transportation and still be removed cleanly and easily. We offer a range of adhesives that allow labels to be removed, re-used, repositioned, peeled off or popped-up.


Peels back without leaving a trace

Microsphere adhesives offer unrivaled removability where cleanliness really shows, and where damage-free surfaces are essential to an item’s value. Powered by microscopic spheres, these adhesives cling firmly to both paper and film face materials, yet reposition easily and remove without a trace. Perfect for a variety of applications such as news labeling, direct mail labels and wall art.

Reposition with ease

Adhesives used in spirit and beverage applications have specific performance attributes. Our spirit label adhesives are specifically designed to be repositioned for up to 30 minutes once applied on a glass bottle. This reapplication ease not only helps reduce waste generated by misapplied labels, but it also allows for cost-savings and increased efficiency. 

Peel and reseal effortlessly

Our resealable product portfolio offers a precise match for almost every type of resealable package. Whether you need to find the right peel strength or the best applications for food, home or personal care, our adhesives are open smoothly and quietly to make resealable packages more discreet and easier to use.

Pop-up and stand out

We’re always innovating new ways to help our customer products stand out and pop-up labels are a great way to differentiate in the beverage, home care and personal care segment. These labels attach to the top or side of products, adding a 3D element that helps them to stand out from the competition. Ideal for labeling various surfaces including glass, plastic, metal and paper, our unique water-based adhesive ensures strong adhesion, even on small diameter containers.


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