Label products

Innovative materials and diverse features. Explore our extensive label product offering and learn more about the label components.


What makes a label?

Label products are a combination of several components with a variety of features. The right mix of materials guarantees optimal performance even under the most challenging conditions, such as humid or frozen environments, while supporting creative packaging designs. Some of our label solutions and materials can also help you increase the sustainability of your product packaging.

Operating since the 1970s, we continue to create high-performing, visually compelling, and more sustainable label materials. With the help of our expertise and innovation, we can help you choose the perfect label materials or tailor the right combination for you.


High aesthetics, cost-efficiency and quality

Coated or uncoated paper faces? Thermal papers or some additional special features? Our paper label offering provides you with a number of options. Learn more about the diverse features and benefits.

Durability and limitless adaptability

When you’re looking for a highly adaptable label solution, film is the material for you. Durability and a wide range of aesthetic opportunities and functionalities make film a versatile choice – great for uses like promotional labels in home and personal care and food applications.

Optimal performance with the right adhesive

Permanent, removable or wash-off? Whatever the application or your industry, we have the adhesive for your packaging. Learn more and explore our adhesive label solutions.

Protecting the label quality

Paper or film liners? Compare the options, find out more about our liner recycling service, and learn how thinner liners can boost your productivity.


Sustainable label solutions


Tailored label solutions

Looking for something beyond our existing label material selection? Tailored by UPM Raflatac will meet your needs. Our dedicated professionals will help you tailor a label solution combining innovative materials, product components and technical capabilities.


Labels for varied industries