Film label materials

When you need a more robust label with a wide range of aesthetic opportunities, film labels are the perfect canvas for your brand.


Durability, flexibility and superior visual quality

Whatever the shape, size or material of your product container, film labels can be adapted to meet a wide range of requirements and limitations. They conform to any shape and don’t wrinkle or peel to ensure that your label design looks great throughout the whole lifecycle of the product. In addition, film labels are moisture-resistant, tear-resistant, and resistant to oils, sun and fading, making them a more durable alternative to paper labels.


Film face materials for promotional labels

With so many products on store shelves, it’s hard to stand out from the masses. To attract consumer attention, brands must create eye-catching label designs that express their unique personality. Our basic white and clear films are excellent multitaskers as they offer good print results and perform well in almost all cases. Choose from matte, ultra-clear, holographic, soft-touch, metallic, opaline, satin black, and iridescent film label materials for added decoration. 

Looking for something specific? Talk to our experts about our customizable clear, white and metallized film labels materials. 

Film face materials for variable information labels

Film is well suited for high-speed printing without sacrificing visual quality. This makes it an ideal material for printing variable information, such as a bar codes, that often need to be printed quickly while retaining clarity to ensure the information is readable. Consistent bar code traceability supports efficient stock management while reducing unnecessary stock losses.

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Film labels for added security

Security labeling authenticates products to consumers, protects the brand and reduces the risk of lost revenue and liability issues. Our UPM Raflatac Raflasec Security range offers options for a variety of applications and needs.

Choose from:

  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Holo Security, a holographic material that can be combined with security cuts so that the label breaks when tampered with.
  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Fibres, a label material that contains both visible and invisible fibers to allow authentication under UV light. The material has a chemical sensitization feature, meaning it changes color if removal with chemicals is attempted. 
  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Seal, a label material that tears easily and offers low investment costs with high printability and opacity. 
  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Chameleon, an innovative material that changes color when removed and cannot be reapplied.  

What’s the right film label material for you?


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