Brand protection and security

Void labels, tamper-evident seals and tamper-proof labels help brands improve consumer safety and safeguard goods from counterfeiting and diversion.


Tamper-evident seals and void labels for reliable security

Protect consumer safety, build brand loyalty, reduce the risk of lost revenues or liability issues and monitor products as they travel through the supply chain. Security labels are difficult to reproduce and help to protect high-value goods and easily counterfeited items such as pharmaceuticals and electronics. Choose from features that are visible to the human eye or only visible when using special equipment such as UV light.


Protect your brand with tamper-evident labels

Tamper-evident labels are a powerful deterrent to theft and relabeling. They feature destructible and extremely brittle ultra-destructible papers and films that are destroyed when removed. Tamper-evident seals are highly reliable and applicable to all stages of the supply chain.

Protect your brand with anti-tamper labels

Anti-tamper labels offer great brand protection by helping to secure the authenticity of products. They can be printed with identification numbers or other critical information such as warranty numbers and expiry dates and are often used to seal product packages as they are impossible to transfer.

Protect your brand with void labels

Void labels leave a text, pattern or logo on the product when the label is partially or fully removed. UPM Raflatac standard void labels leaves a sticky residue behind on the product packaging, whereas UPM Raflatac No Tack void labels leaves a smooth and silky message that doesn’t attract dust or dirt – perfect for high-end goods. Talk to our experts about metallic, high-gloss, white and clear void label materials for your security labeling needs.


Guaranteed long-term supply

With a guaranteed 30 months of supply stability, our Raflasec range of tamper-evident security products benefits from a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. You’ll also receive six months’ notice of any future changes.

Choose from:

  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Holo Original and UPM Raflatac Raflasec Holo Security for an eye-catching holographics on luxury packaging
  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Fibres for UV authentication using visible and invisible UV-sensitive fibres
  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Seal for a low-cost security solution that tears easily when removed and offers high opacity and good printability
  • UPM Raflatac Raflasec Chameleon for an innovative security label that changes color and cannot be reapplied once removed

Customized solutions for security and brand protection

The most robust security labeling materials combine different security measures to create a single safe label solution that is more effective and cost-efficient than using multiple single-feature solutions together.  Talk to our experts to find out how you can create a custom security label by mixing and matching or tailoring security papers, holograms, optically variable materials, taggants and shadow printed features.


Enhanced security with strong adhesives


Small roll services


What’s the right label material for you?