Ensuring stability by managing change

Change management is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Unforeseen changes in raw materials or the packaging of pharmaceutical products can potentially cause unintended effects on product performance or safety, even creating potential risks to patient health and brand security. Even if changes would be known in advance, frequent changes mean frequent need to requalify changes, which takes time and resources. With a comprehensive change management protocol, changes are overall avoided as much as possible, and mandatory changes are assessed and informed to relevant parties.   


Our promise

  • Change management protocol at component level for specific pharma and healthcare labeling components, to minimize frequency of changes and to ensure label material stability.

  • Pharmaceutical change management protocol with 12 months’ notice of change. In combination with the 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture, this gives a 3-year window for requalification requirements.

  • We offer a last-call notification to allow bulk purchases before production is discontinued, in order to help guarantee supply 

Working together for peace of mind


Label material specification guide