Safe labels for specialized pharmaceutical uses 

Each new health care product presents a unique set of packaging challenges. As a packaging development manager, supply chain manager or manufacturer it is important to be aware of these challenges to select a label that is suitable and safe.  


Labels for specialized uses

Labels for small diameter containers

Small cylindrical containers below 23 mm in diameter require special materials and adhesives that stop the label from lifting at the edge. Label construction becomes critical on diameters below 15 mm such as syringes, ampoules, IV bottles, cartridges, pens, vials, and test tubes. We offer a range of general-purpose and low-leachability labels for small diameter glass and plastic containers.

Our robust label adhesives can be used on any glass or plastic container while our luminescent adhesive options are the perfect solution for detecting missing labels with a detection inspection system. Talk to our experts about the right label material for your small volume container.

Decrease the risk of label edge lifting on small diameter injectables containers

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Labels for cold and cryogenic storage

Biological drugs and biological samples containing cells and other specimen need to be stored at low temperatures. Labeling low-temperature vials, ampules or test tubes are challenging for laboratories, healthcare brands and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world. Without specialized materials that can withstand extreme conditions, labels are likely to lift or peel off as a direct result of thawing, warming, and freezing. 

Talk to our experts about our label solutions designed to be used in fridge, freezer or cryogenic conditions.

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Labels for hospital and medical device sterilization

Surgical instruments are typically cleaned and wrapped or placed in a reusable metal container before steam autoclave sterilization. Labeled for identification and traceability, pharmaceutical labels must remain legible during and after sterilization and for the entire product life cycle. Our labels are sterilization resistant and retain excellent adhesion in steam, pressure and heat of the autoclave process. 

Talk to our experts about specialized pharmaceutical labels for hospital and medical device sterilization that meet or exceed expectations.

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