Tailored label solutions


The perfect label for your needs

When you’re looking for something beyond our existing label material selection, Tailored by UPM Raflatac will meet your needs. With our expertise you will find the perfect solution among our world-class label materials. Tailored offers innovative materials, product components and technical capabilities that can be combined to fulfil your needs and boost your business, with a reassuringly quick and simple process that tells you you’re in expert hands.


EasyTailor – A quick & flexible way to create the perfect label for your needs

If you can’t find exactly what you need from our existing range, EasyTailor is the quick and flexible way to create the products you need – even at short notice. We help you choose from our market-leading component portfolio and put our technical capabilities at your disposal to explore new component combinations or make adjustments to the technical properties of existing products.

ProTailor – Custom labels and prototypes

When your product packaging requires more than an existing label product or EasyTailor, we can create something completely new with you through our ProTailor service. Our labeling experts can solve your problems and help develop your ideas, using our expertise and technical capabilities to make anything from jointly customized products to totally unique materials and features for a real wow effect.


Reach beyond your sustainability goals


Technical capabilities

Leverage our technical capabilities to create pressure sensitive label products with high added value and fit-for-purpose functionality. All of the following capabilities can be added to our products through our Tailored service, helping you to find the perfect solution for your label application.


Tailored adhesive coat-weights – Increased strength and improved performance

Seeking to optimize adhesive performance or resolve issues in conversion, dispensing or final application? Tailored adhesive coat-weights are the solution for you. Tailoring is also quicker and more cost-effective than a lengthy qualification process when modifying an adhesive already approved by the label end-user.

Rough substrates

  • Coarse plastics, grained and pitted metals, big bags, wood, pallets, concrete, and more
  • On rough substrates, increasing the adhesive coat-weight helps resolve problems with label loss by increasing the strength of final adhesion.

Smooth substrates

  • Glass, glossy plastics, polished metals, and more
  • On smooth substrates, it is often possible to marginally reduce the coat-weight without significantly reducing the strength of final adhesion. The performance improvements in label conversion and dispensing are typically related to adhesive bleed or to release force issues, like an uneven roll unwind.

Multitac and Piggyback labels – Unlimited creativity

When you’re looking for a unique label solution beyond our versatile standard constructions, we have a huge selection of materials, colors, and finishes at your disposal. Our paper and film label faces, intermediate layers, liners, and adhesives can be combined in almost unlimited ways, creating tailored Multitac or Piggyback labels for any chosen look or functionality.

  • Typical areas of use include industry and logistics, direct mail campaigns, promotions and pharmaceutical applications.
  • With a Multitac or Piggyback as a base you can also create custom multipart labels, known as label sets, for easy information transfer onto products or documentation. This can be especially useful when it is essential that information is duplicated exactly, for example to ensure pharmaceutical product safety.

Transfer adhesives & Multitac Industry – Unique and versatile label solutions 

Our transfer adhesive constructions offer you a simple and cost-effective way to create a unique custom solution for specific applications such as security or RFID labels. Transfer adhesives are sandwich constructions consisting of a permanent adhesive set between a top and bottom liner. All of our solutions are available with our industry-proven adhesives – with coat-weights optimized for high initial tack, lasting adhesion, and low bleed-risk.

Our Multitac Industry products are versatile solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications. They are ideal if your application demands a specific type of permanent adhesive such as a hotmelt, which requires a carrier – for example, applications that involve taping on rough surfaces. They also offer an ideal solution if you need to combine removable adhesives with permanents, for example with detachable items sent via direct mail, or for re-closable seals on envelopes and pouches.


Opaque label materials