The liner holds onto or carries the adhesive until the label is ready to be used. Each liner is designed to meet tight specifications and is paired with the right adhesive to ensure optimal performance.


Ensuring label quality until application

Pressure-sensitive labels require the use of a liner to carry the label face and adhesive through the converting and application process. Depending on its intended use, your choice of liner can be film-based or paper-based. The liners are coated, allowing for the label to be released at the right moment with ease and accuracy.


Features and benefits of paper liners

Paper liners stay strong under tension and perform reliably on high-speed packaging lines. They present a raw material choice from renewable sources and in many cases support easier recycling. Our paper liners are designed for easy and efficient converting with commonly used die-cutting tools.

Features and benefits of film liners

Film liners are extra strong and typically used for high-speed or demanding packaging lines. Due to their smooth texture, film liners are perfect for clear labeling applications, as the slick surface allows the adhesive to get even coverage possible before application. This gives the label optimum clarity and makes sure the label looks great on the pack, every time.


Label recycling and the circular economy in action: RafCycle


Why choose thinner liners?

Thinner liners help brands and businesses meet business goals by using less raw materials, producing less waste and maximizing efficiency. Discover some of the key benefits of using thinner, lighter film and paper liners below. 


Increase efficiency with fewer roll changes

Thin film and paper liners, such as PET film liners or  HG45-FSC paper liners, yield more labels per roll for fewer roll changes – that’s more uptime for maximum production efficiency. Label converters may also be able to switch to bigger roll diameters in our Mega service, enabling further productivity gains. MEGA service comes with pre-defined roll lengths and four different setting options. Talk to our experts to find out more about our MEGA service.   

Get more done in less time with high strength PET liners 

If you’re looking to raise your production efficiency and production capacity, consider PET label liner, our strongest and thinnest film liners. High-strength PET reduces the liner thickness compared to traditional glassine. PET makes it possible to run at the highest speeds even in humid conditions and eliminates production bottlenecks due to web breaks.

Browse our product selector to find more detailed technical information about PET liners. 

Contribute towards sustainable goals with thinner liners

Boost your brand's reputation, meet legislative requirements and support the circular economy with thinner liners that use fewer raw materials and have less impact on the environment. Our liners are commercially recyclable, such as Honey Glassine 45-FSC, and can contain as much as 90% post-consumer recycled content, such as UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+.


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