Paper label materials

Our paper face materials are high-performing and aesthetically appealing – performing reliably while helping brands to meet their sustainability goals.


High aesthetics and performance

Whether you need high-quality product labels or easily printable information labels, we have the right label materials for you. Our paper labels face materials offer good printability for high-end graphics while fulfilling a range of function such as resistance to heat, humidity or friction.


Coated paper faces for high-end graphics

Product labels are the first thing to catch a consumer’s eye on the shelf. Coated paper can enhance the visibility of your brand with eye-catching fluorescents, colored materials, foils, metallized papers and gloss options. Offering excellent printability for high-end graphics, coated paper face materials enhance the durability and longevity of the label, increasing resistance to challenging conditions such as humidity, heat or friction. 

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Uncoated paper faces for excellent printability

Aesthetics must go hand-in-hand with performance requirements. Create a simple, natural look for high-end products such as organic wines or cosmetics by choosing uncoated paper materials. Our uncoated paper materials provide excellent printability for a diverse range of industries – from retail to pharmaceuticals and healthcare. These products are ideal for both laser and ink-jet printers and offer superior lay-flat properties for trouble-free printing and converting. 

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Direct thermal papers for high quality and speed

Direct Thermal papers are mainly used in the logistics, retail and food end-use areas. In food, they provide the excellent print quality and resistance to challenging conditions with the possibility to add variable information, such as expiry date, weight or barcode, to the label at the later stage of the process. In retail and logistics, they act as an efficient carrier of information, enabling high-speed labeling and ensuring the reliable flow of materials. 

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Uncoated papers for reliable information flow

For logistics, office and retail information labeling, uncoated paper labels provide excellent print results, making them ideal for conveying information throughout the supply chain. We offer several uncoated paper label materials for variable information printing, such as inventory control and instructional labels.

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Positive climate action with RAFNXT+


BPA-free and phenol-free papers


Paper labels with added functionalities


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