More effective, more efficient processing

The process of rotating, relabeling and reusing containers is made much simpler with a label that washes off with ease and leaves surfaces residue-free. We pair water-washable adhesives with selected label faces to cover countless rotational application needs. Wash-off adhesives also help to support the circular economy by enabling plastic labels to float off when washed, supporting the recycling process and facilitating the reuse of plastic containers. If you’re looking for a wash-off label solution that exceeds expectations then we’ve got the solution for you.


Wash-off without contamination


Dissolvable and hassle-free


Wash-off adhesives for logistics


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Not a printer? Our face materials, adhesives and liners are selected to match your brand's labeling needs before being assembled into label products. Talk to our experts to receive tailored advice on the right combination of label materials for you. We can also help by recommending these materials to your printer.