Nowhere else are consumers more aware of environmental issues than when making decisions about food – an area of intense passions, lively discussion, and on-going debate. Sustainable and functional food packaging will only become more and more important, and widely discussed, as years go by.

The food product’s label tells the story of the brand and conveys product information, but it is also where the consumer turns her eyes when searching for information on product sustainability, recyclability and CO2 impact.

This guide has been created to answer the questions and concerns brand owners might have when it comes to sustainable food labeling. Questions such as:

  • How am I going to be able to combine our lustrous brand image with the rising demands on recycled or recyclable label materials?
  • Sustainability is important, but what about label functionality? Our customers depend on our labels’ adhesive properties.
  • The key function of our label is to convey information reliably – we cannot make compromises there.

No need to compromise — the Sustainable food labeling guide is here.

Your job is to build a bold, unique brand and a great customer experience, ours is to support you in creating the label to match your needs and reduce your CO2 impact while doing it – no compromises.

Be sure to also see our Sustainable food packaging page to get a wider overview of the topic.

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