Companies have many reasons to make their food packaging more sustainable: the opportunity to drive long-term brand value, consumer demand, and regulatory pressure. But what role do labels play in making your food packaging more sustainable?

Your label material choice can have a tangible impact on your food packaging sustainability. Not only can you make a difference by choosing renewable raw materials and recycled materials, but also by enhancing your food packaging recyclability. Sustainable food labels, multiplied by millions of packages worldwide, make a lasting difference in sustainable packaging.

The future is built by our choices today.
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Consumers value sustainable food packaging more than ever

of UK consumers claimed limiting the use of single-use plastic a goal of theirs in the past year.*
of the UK consumer respondents value sustainable packaging and circular practices.*
of US consumers consider recycling and reuse of products or packaging when making purchase decisions.**
of US consumers said they pay attention to what the packaging is made of and how much of it is there.**

*study by Deloitte     **study by EY


Routes to sustainable food packaging

Switch to reduce, switch to recycled, and switch to renewable materials. Your choice of food packaging raw materials has a significant impact on your environmental footprint. Improve the sustainability of your food packaging by critically assessing your raw materials and exploring ways to use less and switch to more sustainable alternatives. 

A good rule of thumb for label sustainability is simple: the less virgin fossil materials need to be used, the more sustainable it is likely to be. An informed choice to a new, modern label solution can help you improve the sustainability of your food packaging. Label Life, our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) service provides you with the environmental impact assessments of our label solutions, so that you can effortlessly switch to reduce your footprint.

Recycle and reuse with compatible labels. Choose label solutions that enhance food packaging recyclability or enable reuse to ensure your food packaging is part of the solution in preserving valuable resources. Close the material loop by choosing label materials compatible with your food packaging recycling stream. As a result, you will improve the yield and quality of the recovered material. With the right choice of label, you can even enable food packaging reuse in some cases. 

Another way to enhance circularity is recycling label waste. Recycle label release liner waste with RafCycle™, our recycling service. You will cut emissions and support circularity in the process.


See your impact with Label Life

The environmental impact of your label depends on many factors, but it often has the potential to make food packaging more sustainable. Label Life, our label Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) service, provides insights into three fundamental sustainability metrics: greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand, and water consumption.


Guide to sustainable labeling – Learn the essentials


Recyclability is an essential part of sustainable food packaging

Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before, and many are actively seeking out products with sustainable food packaging solutions. Partner with us to leverage some of the most advanced sustainable packaging solutions in the food packaging industry and respond to the growing demand for recyclable food packaging materials.


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