Your packaging label is the single most critical driver of packaging brand experience, making people fall in love with your product, recognize and return to it. But did you realize that your packaging label is also a change agent, capable of transforming the sustainability of your product and how millions of people consume worldwide?

Merely switching a label might not feel like much, but when it’s multiplied by millions of packages worldwide, the impact becomes monumental. The world needs more sustainable labeling solutions. Every choice made by producers and brands alike has the power to change the future of our planet.

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Be the Changemaker – make the switch, close the loop.

So how can you become the Changemaker? This is how.

Solution one – Make the switch to more sustainable labeling solutions

Packaging plays a crucial role in reaching a more sustainable future, and it has the power to change how we use scarce raw materials. Make the switch to renewable, recycled, and reduced alternatives.

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Solution two – Close the material loop

The future of packaging is circular. To close the packaging material loop, choose labeling materials that support packaging recycling, and ensure the circularity and reuse of your packaging.

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See the impact of your choices in practice

Our Label Life life cycle analysis service shows the impact you can make through your choice of label material. Get life cycle assessment calculations for your labeling solutions on three fundamental metrics: greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand, and water consumption.

See your impact with the Label life cycle assessment


Take a step towards circular packaging

In the process of labeling products, the label release liner is often an overlooked waste stream. With the RafCycle™ service we offer you a hands-on recycling solution that enables waste circularity and has a positive climate impact. Join us and our 350+ partners worldwide on this journey towards pure circularity.

Take a step towards circularity with RafCycle


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