Switching to sustainable label materials has never been easier. Not only that, consumers greatly appreciate sustainable alternatives and are ready to pay a premium for brands that have gone the extra mile for sustainable packaging (McKinsey study, 2020). From plant-based materials to solvent-free adhesives and certified papers, the large selection of modern renewable labeling solutions makes your switch to sustainable effortless.

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With SmartChoice, you can be sure of your product’s sustainability and ethicality. The label materials are designed to reduce material usage while promoting the use of post-consumer recycled content and renewable materials.

All raw materials and the supply chain are covered by our supplier code of conduct, taking people, safety, and the environment into consideration.



Use RECYCLED materials

Reduce the pressure on virgin feedstocks by switching to sustainable label materials that include recycled materials and give waste a new life. The recycled raw materials we use originate from numerous recycling streams with different recycling methods. The recycled material is used to create sustainable label materials such as post-consumer recycled plastic and certified paper combinations made of virgin and recycled fibers.

Choose from our wide array of film, paper face, and liner solutions with recycled materials, or let us recommend you the best fit for your product!

Solutions with recycled materials:



Use RENEWABLE materials

Move beyond fossils by choosing sustainable label materials made with verified sustainable and renewable resources.

There's a wide selection of solutions to choose from, including leading innovations, such as the industry's first 100% wood-based PE and PP label materials identical in quality, performance and recyclability with fossil PP and PE.

Solutions with renewable resources:



Use REDUCED materials

Lower your environmental impact and reduce the strain on natural resources by using sustainable label materials that are resource-optimized. Many of our reduced solutions offer more labels per roll providing higher efficiency and less downtime as well as savings in transportation and packaging.

Examples of reduced solutions include using lighter film, paper face, and liner materials.

Solutions for reducing resources:



Optimize your label sustainability with Label Life

How big is the impact of choosing sustainable label materials?
Your impact when you choose PE PCR White TC 85 / RP37 / HD-FSC mechanically recycled content film material instead of PE White FTC 85 / RP37 / HD-FSC standard film material for 100 000 m² of label material. — Calculated cradle-to-gate. Based on UPM Raflatac's LCA study, externally verified and performed based on the guiding principles laid out in ISO 14040/44 and PAS 2050 standards; Includes content supplied by Sphera Solutions GmbH; Copyright 2022. Results are indicative and information is subject to change without notice. Results of different LCA or carbon footprint calculations cannot be compared.

Utilize our label life cycle assessment service, Label Life, to learn essential information on how choosing sustainable labels can help reduce your environmental footprint.

Label Life offers you:

    • Credible information on the environmental impacts of different label products. Metrics evaluated include energy, water, and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e).​
    • Cradle-to-gate assessment, including three end-of-life scenarios for the release liner: recycling, incineration, landfill. 

Reduce the carbon footprint of packaging labels with Label Life


REDUCE your material usage with Linerless labels

Improved uptime with reduced roll change time and minimized storage space, our Direct Thermal Linerless products have many benefits in addition to being a sustainable alternative. Linerless products use 40% less paper than comparable pressure-sensitive label materials and lack additional liner waste handling costs. Our Linerless materials originate from FSC™ certified sources (FSC C012530), with sustainably managed forests that protect wildlife, help mitigate climate change, and improve water quality.

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