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Benefits of Label Life

Looking for an innovative approach to label evaluation supporting more sustainable packaging design? Meet Label Life by UPM Raflatac, the life cycle assessment service that enables you to look beyond the label.

Label Life helps you make informed and environmentally responsible decisions by providing essential Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) metrics cradle-to-grave on the sustainability of our products. Accompanying product passport prototypes (PPPs) highlight an array of metrics, from carbon footprint and water consumption to the 16 indicators recommended by the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) guide. PPPs are available for the majority of our product portfolio.

With our Label Life comparisons, you also receive a focused comparison of three key metrics: greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand and water consumption to guide your decision-making process.


In total 25 different indicators available in the PPPs, over the life cycle of the label broken down into the stages (1) cradle-to-gate, (2) transport to customer (3) printing (4) End of life impacts. The potential benefits for the next life cycle stage are also quantified separately.


The Label Life result generation process has passed through external validation. The review found the results appropriate for the intended goals and approved the quality checks put in place to ensure reliable results consistent with the relevant International Standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.


LCA results that cover a broad range of metrics and have been validated are a good basis to act on. The metrics are provided to support our customers in making a switch for the more sustainable alternative.


How Label Life by UPM Raflatac works?

Cradle to grave: Look beyond the label with Label Life

Label life provides customers with a unique product passport prototype (PPP) – an environmental self-declaration for label products with a wide range of metrics that are broken down into life cycle stages: cradle-to-gate, transport-to-customer, printing and end of life such that customers and brands can inform themselves of the potential impacts along the value chain.


The detailed view and the background information enable experts at the customer side to select the product alternative with the most fitting profile. While product quality comes first, many customers quantify their Scope 3 and make a conscious effort to reduce it. End users of labels often have an even larger context to navigate through, regulations on recyclability, recycled content and often a sustainability index that incorporates more than ‘just’ carbon. In the European context the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) method has gained a lot of traction and is mentioned in the Green Claims directive and Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation as one recommended way to provide LCA results.

The PPPs with an extensive list of metrics including all 16 PEF indicators, and calculated within and beyond the UPM Raflatac factory gate, intend to fulfill these needs as far as data allows. And the evolution is on...



„UPM Raflatac‘s guidance on how to reduce our Scope 3 emissions was invaluable in identifying optimization potentials. Being a small company, we rely on professional suppliers with sustainability expertise to support us in achieving our goals on climate change and UPM Raflatac provided just what we needed.“

- Thomas Nielsen, CEO, Ikonprint A/S


Label material choice can have a significant impact on packaging sustainability. UPM Raflatac is the first label materials company committed to going Beyond Fossils and is continuously developing new products that enable customers to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. Over its 10 years of service, Label Life has continually evolved offering customers and brands both cradle-to-gate and tailored cradle-to-grave calculations. The validation by DEKRA confirms the credibility of UPM Raflatac’s LCA calculations and supports customers to make better informed choices, bringing them closer to their own sustainability goals.


Why do product specific LCAs matter


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