Label Life service

Comprehensive life cycle assessment for label evaluation and more sustainable packaging designs.


Optimized label choices through life cycle assessment

Label Life by UPM Raflatac is based on life cycle assessment (LCA), a scientific method for analyzing the environmental impacts of products. Through our service, you can get LCA calculations on three fundamental metrics: greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand, and water consumption. Calculations using other life cycle indicators are available via our tailored Label Life service. In addition, Label Life offers you comparisons of different UPM Raflatac products and various end-of-life scenarios for the release liner, helping you find the sustainable solution that fits your needs.


Standardized comprehensive analysis

Label Life is the most comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) of label materials in the industry. Our tool allows for cradle-to-gate assessments of label materials made of a large variety of available combinations for face, adhesive, and release liner. The scope covers raw material extraction, impacts of production, and transports up until UPM Raflatac’s gate.

Tailored calculations enable us to take this one step further: we can provide a full life cycle assessment including various additional transports, printing, label disposal, and end of life treatment (cradle-to-grave). UPM Raflatac’s LCA is performed based on the principles laid out in ISO 14040/44 and PAS 2050 standards.

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Towards more sustainable packaging designs

Labels are a visible part of the product packaging life cycle. This is why sustainable label choices matter. Together we can develop more sustainable business by focusing on raw material choices, product design, responsible sourcing, efficient operations, product performance, and the end-of life solutions.

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