The future of packaging is circular. Close your packaging material loop and be at the forefront of sustainable packaging. Labels have the power to promote circularity in three ways: they can enable packaging recycling, promote package reuse, and efficient recycling of label waste allows label materials to stay in the loop. Harnessing these opportunities has been made effortless for you through our sustainable SmartCircle™ solutions that are designed to enable the recyclability and reuse of packages, and with our RafCycle™ service that collects label waste.

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Close the loop – go circular



Enable packaging recycling

Your packaging label plays a vital role in enabling packaging recyclability. The primary packaging component determines the recycling process, and your label should be compatible with that process. Compatibility improves packaging recyclability and recycling yield. 

Our Wash-off labels are a great example of a label solution that enables efficient recycling.


Enable packaging reuse

If you're able to take circularity one step further and reuse your packaging, finding a label solution that makes the cleaning process effortless becomes crucial.

In addition to Wash-off labels, removable labels are a great solution for enabling packaging reuse.


Recycle label waste

Label waste plays an important part in closing your material loop. Reducing your label waste can also have an immense impact on your CO2 emissions.

Utilize our RafCycle label release liner recycling service to give your label waste a second life, streamline your waste management, and enhance your brand value.


Go circular with SmartCircle

Solutions from our SmartCircle porfolio are tailored to answer the needs of brands that are looking to go circular. SmartCircle solutions allow your brand to promote circular economy by choosing label materials that advance packaging recyclability and reuse. The solutions are the result of our relentless research in circular technologies.

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Smart wash-off labeling solution for glass bottles

UPM Raflatac SmartCircle™ RW760 and RP30W

Our solutions support the removal of labels during industrial washing of returnable glass bottles to be refilled and relabeled.

  • No-label look film labels (Clear PET-G)
  • Wide selection of premium paper labels
  • Available with PCR PET liner
  • Allows for change from wet-glue to self-adhesive labels for better brand value.

Recycling process:

  • Bottles are labeled with a PET-G film or paper label face and one of our wash-off adhesives for glass bottles
  • After use, returned bottles are washed in standard conditions, in an alkaline solution at 80ºC
  • During the washing process, labels shrink and separate cleanly from the bottle allowing them to be collected and removed
  • Contaminants such as ink and adhesives are carried away by the label, leaving behind clean glass bottles ready for reuse


Reach pure circularity for your label release liners with RafCycle™

Utilizing our RafCycle label release liner recycling service is an effortless and sustainable way to handle label waste. With RafCycle, you can: 

  1. Enable circular economy with closed loop solutions and support the efficient use of raw materials
  2. Reduce your label waste recycling costs
  3. Reduce your CO2 emissions
  4. Make waste management more effortless
  5. Create brand and business value

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