Food labels with compelling design, increased safety and enhanced sustainability

Choosing a food label material for your product can be challenging. Heat, moisture, and cold can have an impact on the performance and longevity of your label. Food labels must meet and convey regulatory requirements, and in some cases act as a seal that assures consumers of the freshness and safety of the food product. 

Our food labels cover all types of food containers and conditions. Choose from industry-leading sustainable food label materials that allow you to level up your packaging sustainability and recyclability. Find the perfect food label for your product with the help of our Food labeling guide or get tailored advice from our experts


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stand out on retail shelves with attention-grabbing food label design

The art of food labeling

The decision to purchase a new product is often inspired by an attention-grabbing label design that caught the consumer's eye. Discover how your brand can stand out on crowded retail shelves with food labels that offer creative flexibility and opportunity for cutting-edge design. 

Leverage food label design

ensure that your food packaging label stays in prime condition at all times

Food labels for different conditions

From frozen to chilled and ambient temperature foods, the conditions a product faces can vary significantly from one extreme to the other. Find out how to ensure that your food label and packaging stay in prime condition at all times for flawless brand representation.

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Sustainable food packaging labels

Sustainable food labels

Food labels may only account for a small part of the packaging, but when multiplied, your label choice has the  power to make a difference. Not only is it vital to use sustainable resources – your label also has the potential to make or break the recyclability of your food packaging. Download our guide to learn more about sustainable labels and take a step towards a smarter future beyond fossils.

Learn more about sustainable food packaging

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We offer food labels that meet technical and regulatory requirements for all major markets

Food label safety

We offer food labels that meet technical and regulatory requirements for all major markets, including the US, EU, and China. Read more about food safe label materials and our certifications in different markets, or talk with our experts to receive tailored advice. 

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Stand out with high-quality, sustainable food labels


Level up your packaging sustainability with sustainable food label materials

Food packaging represents a large share of the packaging business, which is why every step towards a more sustainable food packaging industry is crucial. UPM Raflatac is at the forefront of sustainable food label product innovation. We are eager to make every possible effort to ensure that your food packaging doesn't only meet your sustainability targets, but also stands out in the eyes of consumers. From wood-based film labels to carbon-neutral paper alternatives, our options for sustainable food labels will take your packaging sustainability to the next level.

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Full wrap food labels


What is the right food label material for your product?

Food packaging front labels for accentuated brand appeal

Crafted from carefully selected materials that convey your brand’s identity. Our front labels for food products allow for decorative brand expression while the high performance ensures that necessary information stays visible regardless of the conditions. We offer high-quality labels for branding for all food products and packages. 


Meat labels and seafood labels

Discover ideal food labels for meat and seafood products. Get tailored advice to find the perfect fit for irregular packaging shapes such as bacon, moist or fatty surfaces, skin packs, and tear-resistant products. 

We offer food labels suitable for stacking and challenging conditions, such as condensation-resistant labels for cold and frozen conditions. Discover clear-on-clear labels for enhanced product visibility and labels for direct meat labeling on carcasses.

Dairy labels

Find dairy labels for an extensive variety of dairy food packaging, including glass jars, plastic containers such as milk bottles, fatty surfaces such as cheese, and moist conditions.

Choose a textured label material for a more unique brand appearance and an organic feel. We also offer extended information labels to accommodate additional languages.

Fruit labels and vegetable labels

Our fruit and vegetable labels offer you a number of options to choose from. Regardless of whether you are looking for labels to attach to fruit and vegetable packaging, or labels appropriate for direct labeling, we have got you covered.

We offer label solutions for challenging surfaces such as kiwi or pumpkin. The labels have a high adhesive coat weight and enhanced flexibility to avoid labels peeling from the edges.


Sauce, dressing and condiment labels

Discover our selection of label materials for hot fill packaging commonly used for sauces, dressing and condiments.

Get tailored advice about label materials suitable for repeated squeezing, textured paper materials for a distinct brand effect and an organic feel, and wash-off labels that enhance recyclability.

Ready meal packaging labels

Find the perfect food label for your ready meal food packaging. Our pressure sensitive application labels support flexibility and small runs. 

Choose from additional functionalities such as tamper evidence or peel & read labels that allow information expansion. Full wrap label materials are perfect for salad containers, while temperature-resistant label solutions are the ideal solution for heat & eat ready-made meals. 

Frozen dessert and ice cream labels

Frozen food labels need to withstand extremely cold conditions. We offer label solutions for applications before and after freezing. 

When a product is labeled below 0°C, the choice of adhesive becomes crucial. Adhesives also require more time to stick firmly in place in sub-zero temperatures. Get tailored advice by talking with our experts.


Information labels for food packaging

Labels guide, warn, and help consumers by delivering information. Often food labels need to also convey additional information to meet strict legal requirements for food packaging. The information should remain readable even when exposed to different conditions during labeling, transportation, and storing. Innovative design ideas can be combined with functional information labels to create appealing and purposeful packaging designs. We offer information labels for all food products and packages.

Choose from: 


Food packaging labels with functionalities


Discover the latest developments in food packaging labels

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