Conditions that influence food label design

Discover the factors that influence label performance, product appearance and brand protection.


The right label materials for your product's environment

For the label to perform well, both the face materials and the adhesives need to match the circumstances and conditions of the product environment – from labeling, transportation and storing. To ensure optimal label performance, a great final product appearance and protect the reputation of your brand, it’s crucial to consider the label’s properties right from the start. There are various choices for ambient, chilled and frozen environments, with adhesive labels that offer different characteristics for moisture resistance, fatty substrates or extreme conditions. Find out how the product environment can affect the performance of the label and discover how you can enhance brand protection by choosing the right adhesive label.


The impact of surface properties on labels


Applying labels to dry packaging surfaces

Dry surfaces offer the best conditions for adhesion. For the best possible result, ensure that your self-adhesive label is applied to dry surface or choose specialized moisture-resistant labels for applications on wet or moist surfaces.

The effect of moist packaging surfaces

Banish lifting label edges and ensure your label performs well in the most demanding conditions. Talk to our experts about moisture-resistant label materials for your food product.


The effect of wet packaging surfaces

Liquid can penetrate uncoated paper labels from the top and underside of the label. Wet strength papers are the perfect solution for paper labels that need to be washed off and recovered during the recycling process.


The effect of temperature on labels


Three topics to consider when designing food labels