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From luxury makeup brands to everyday skincare products, our sustainable cosmetic labels help capture your brand's essence. Our cosmetic packaging labels make your product stand out on the shelf with a wide variety of decorative design features and durable material choices while meeting industry regulations. Read our packaging design trends guide to discover future trends and sustainable cosmetic labeling solutions that look great, perform reliably, and are kinder to the environment.


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Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of product packaging. The demand for sustainable cosmetic packaging and cosmetic labels is growing constantly. From raw materials, label design, and label production to end-of-life solutions, learn how your brand can make a difference and stand out with more sustainable cosmetic packaging. Reach your sustainability goals with us and be the Changemaker.

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Choose the right cosmetic labels

Your product container’s shape, size, material, and squeezability are features that affect the label design and label material. When planning your packaging design, it's crucial to consider the different aspects to ensure good quality packaging that doesn't jeopardize your brand. From different types of packaging to various decorative cosmetic labels, get a good understanding of your options and design unique cosmetic labels that stand out.

Choose the best cosmetic labels for your product


Cosmetic packaging design trends

Packaging design is essential in conveying the product's brand identity. New and upcoming trends are constantly shaping the future of cosmetic packaging design.

Sustainability has become a necessity that affects label design on many levels, from raw material choices to new forms of packaging, such as reusable packaging. Read our guide to discover the trends that will transform packaging design for years to come.

Discover latest packaging design trends

Consumer security and brand protection with cosmetic labels

What role do labels play in keeping people safe? Personal care products often come into direct contact with skin, hair and body. Cosmetic labels play a key role in protecting people from counterfeit products that could cause them harm. Find out how metallic void labels and tamper-evident seals can protect your brand and your consumers by indicating interference with the product contents or by verifying product authenticity.

Security and brand protection for cosmetic labels


Level up the sustainability of your cosmetic labels

Assess the environmental impact of your cosmetic labels, operate more efficiently and increase your brand value. Use our label life assessment tool and our RafCycle label liner recycling service to gain competitive advantage in the market. Our Sustainable labeling guide will give you an overview of the different choices you have in making your cosmetic labels more sustainable.


Pioneering solutions for more sustainable cosmetic labels


Which cosmetic label is the right one for your product?

Cosmetic labels that make your brand stand out

Find the perfect label for your cosmetic products and make your product stand out from your competitors. Our decorative features will captivate consumers with packaging designs that express class, style, and personality. Discover our vast range of high-quality cosmetic labels and find the ideal solution for any type of cosmetic product, from dental to skincare.


Skincare product label

Skincare product labels

Your cosmetic product labels should reflect the story of your brand. With our high-quality label materials, you can create a no-label look or opt for textured, embossed, soft-touch, and matt films for your skincare packaging. 

Our range of cosmetic labels includes ground-breaking sustainable innovations and finishes that will retain their visual appeal even in challenging conditions. Read more about our sustainable labels and how you can make your skincare product labels more sustainable. 

Makeup product label

Makeup labels

Cosmetic label design can make or break your makeup's success. Discover stunning decorative makeup labels for your product that will help in expressing your brand identity. Create a visually appealing no-label look using clear labels on transparent containers. Showcase your brand's personality and make your product the focal point of crowded store shelves.

Whether you are aiming for a more down-to-earth or high-end look and feel, our label experts are happy to guide you in your choice. 

Hair product label

Hair product labels

Looking for a cosmetic label solution for a shampoo or conditioner? Squeezable containers are common in hair product packaging and have unique labeling requirements.

Hair product labels must be resilient enough to survive humid and damp environments while still retaining looks and providing the necessary information to consumers. Our film labels and state-of-the-art adhesives are perfect for hair product packaging, as they are specially developed to resist challenging conditions. 


labeled perfume bottle

Perfume labels

Perfume packaging and perfume labels are often associated with quality and elegance. We offer a wide selection of decorative cosmetic labels that highlight your brand in a unique way.

Our creative textured labels create a high-end look, helping your product to shine while supporting sustainable values. Consumer studies have proven that textured paper face materials that are pleasing to the touch can improve the overall perception of a product and increase purchase intention. Dazzle your customers with the luxuriousness of your perfume label design and feel.

labeling body care products

Body product labels

Let your cosmetic label speak for your product. Whether you are looking for a label for a rigid or contoured container, our lasting label solutions will bring your brand to life. 

Body care product labels are often exposed to wet and humid environments, so they need to be flexible, durable, and strong. Outshine your competitors with our stylish, moisture-resistant cosmetic labels. Our specialists are happy to help in selecting the ideal body care product label solution for you.

wet wipe packaging labels

Wet wipe labels

Our adhesive technology lies at the core of our over 40-year innovation journey, and today we continue to produce pioneering adhesive technologies, crucial for wet wipes.

Our resealable labels for wet wipes feature more sustainable, removable adhesives and label materials – and an open/close functionality that lasts. Talk to our experts to hear more about wet wipe labels that are resistant to water, oils, chemicals and other liquids.

Read more about wet wipe labels


Information labels for cosmetic packaging


Labels for cosmetics packaging need to convey critical information and remain readable even when exposed to extreme conditions and heavy use. We offer several information label solutions specially designed for this purpose: 

    • All cosmetic container types
    • Secondary packaging
    • Back labels
    • Barcode labels

Cosmetic labels with functionalities

Meet the sustainability goals for your product, nurture trust with authentication or expand the surface-area to fit all regulatory information. We offer a vast range of functionalities designed for cosmetic labels. Read along and get inspired by the numerous possibilities for cosmetic packaging!


Get inspired by the latest developments in cosmetic labels

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