Choosing the right label for cosmetic products

Find out why it is important to consider a container’s shape, size, material, and squeezability in personal care packaging design


Reliable cosmetic labels for everyday use

In the personal care industry, choosing the right label for packaging is vital to protecting brand integrity. From solid bottle to conformable or squeezable container, our superior labeling solutions consistently meet the packaging design needs. 


Labels for rigid containers


Labels for squeezable containers


No-label look 

Get the true no-label look with Vanish™ PCR and PP Clear, our smooth, clear labels specially designed for ultra-transparency.  Use the no-label look to reveal more of the packaging or product contents, creating a sleek, smooth, clean product design.

Metallized films 

Metallized films create a powerful visual impact and are ideal for giving a high-end impression or adding celebratory sparkle. Silver is the most commonly used finish; other options include gold, brushed metal effects and mirror-finish. Talk to our experts about PET Silver Metalized, PP Chrome film and PP Silver Metalized films for personal care product packaging. 

White and pearlescent films

An iridescent, tinted or opaline appearance create a subtle yet stunning look – adding a touch of class and a sense of intrigue to your packaging design. Create a bright or minimal label look with PP Pearlescent White or choose PP Solid White films for good print contrast and a solid white hue for great print results. Browse our product selector to find more technical information. 

Decorative films 

Our tactile materials make a compelling sales argument by appealing to the dual senses of sight and touch. They connect with consumers visually – and once in the hand, they’re hard to put down. Talk to our experts about textured, embossed, textile-feel and soft-touch effects for your packaging design.