Sustainable label solutions

Labels are an integral part of sustainable packaging design. Discover our products and solutions that offer economic, environmental and social value.


The sustainability of label solutions

Sustainability is at the heart of UPM Raflatac’s innovation and product development. The UPM Raflatac story began in the early 1970s with an industry-first: a solvent-free adhesive. Today, our world-class engineers continue to develop new products that are better for the environment, focusing on light-weight materials, alternative fibers, certified papers, recycled content, solvent-free adhesives, wash-off and fossil free solutions. Discover products and services that are designed to help brands and businesses mitigate the environmental impact of labels throughout their entire label value chain.


UPM Raflatac SmartChoice™

From plant-based materials to solvent-free adhesives and certified papers, UPM Raflatac SmartChoice™ helps you to make material selections using solutions that keep the materials in use for as long as possible. SmartChoice™ label materials are designed to ensure consumer safety, reduce material usage, increase downgauging and promote the use of post-consumer recycled content and renewable materials. Talk to our experts about SmartChoice™ and receive tailored advice about the best sustainable material options for your brand or business.

UPM Raflatac SmartCircle™

Recycling packaging or label materials is not enough. UPM Raflatac SmartCircle™ label materials enable recyclability of packaging and promotes the circular economy by offering solutions that keep the materials in use for as long as possible.  From compostability to wash-off label materials, talk to our experts to find out how SmartCircle™ can help you reach your sustainability goals.  


Solvent-free adhesives