Other container types

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A smooth operator for freshly-blown bottles

Home and personal care production is beginning to use techniques already used in the oil industry. Rather than blow containers and store them prior to labeling and filling, it's much easier and cost-efficient to perform two or more operations in line.

RP75 adhesive has been tested against label bubbling and darting after application and is designed for use on semi-sqeezable and rigid plastic bottles. You can count on this adhesive to integrate labels seamlessly onto bottles and con­tainers for a smooth, wrinkle-free brand image.

An eye on tube labeling

Compared to direct printing, self-adhesive labeling gives brand owners much more flexibility for managing their stock of tube products and offers major savings in terms of storage costs. A blank tube is whatever product version you need it to be, according to demand.

When it comes to successful branding, self-adhesive labels have greater selling power. Higher quality print work and embellishments made with combination printing maximize brand differentiation and increase a product's shelf-appeal.

Our PE 85 products remain squeezeable time after time and are available in clear and white with gloss and matte finishes. Raflex Plus Clear TC offers good squeezability combined with exceptional clarity, offering a premium look as an integral part of the package.

  • PE 85 in clear and white (gloss/matte)
  • Raflex Plus Clear TC for high clarity and the no label-look

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