Whether you want to win over customers with the artisanship of your craft beverage or dazzle them with the luxuriousness of your spirits or wine bottle label design, we offer a range of decorative, functional, and sustainably innovative labels that match all your needs. As connoisseurs in the labeling industry and experts in label material sustainability, we help designers and brands from around the world choose the perfect label for their designs without compromising label sustainability.

Access our digital label material swatchbook to explore a vast range of materials specially designed for wine, spirits and beverage packaging.

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Red wine labels

Our red wine labels are designed to be your canvas for expression. These wine labels include a wide variety of options to delight both the eyes and the sense of touch, including coated, textured, and metalized papers and films. For a bolder effect, holographic and foil label faces are also available. Utilize a full range of printing techniques, including digital printing for most labels, and complementary embellishment options like embossing and hot and cold foiling.

Choose from a wide array of pioneering sustainable materials, such as post-consumer recycled plastic and certified paper combinations made of virgin and recycled fibers.


White and sparkling wine labels

For white wine labels in dry conditions, our selection of coated, uncoated, textured, and metalized papers can all be used to bring brands to life. For humid conditions, our Wet Strength Alkali (WSA) treated papers as well as our Ice, Ice Premium, weld, and film products will offer the right choice for additional staying power.

Our Ice wine labels withstand temperature fluctuations and remain smoothly adhered in humid refrigerated storage. For Ice Premium wine labels, the inks and other embellishments look as solid and vibrant as when dry, even after hours in an ice bucket.





Liquor labels and spirits labels

Whether the brand's message is communicated through richly textured papers, vibrant colors, or detailed decoration, our wide selection of quality label materials provides you a canvas for expression. 

Film label materials are highly printable, allowing traditional printing methods such as offset litho, rotary, silkscreen, UV flexo, and gravure. Our VANISH™ PCR  range of clear film faces offers the ultimate no-label look. For unique, sustainable label solutions, choose our Forest Film™ plastic label made from 100% wood-based materials while retaining identical performance, quality, and recyclability to standard film.


Craft beer labels

New craft beers continuously enter the market, making standing out on the shelf vital. Our pressure-sensitive labels help communicate your brand story by providing a graphic canvas. Designers can use textured, colored, and metalized papers or ultra-clear and white films to create unique and informative labels that attract the consumer’s eye.

Our ultra-thin VANISH™ PCR PET film enables three functionalities previously considered unviable: self-adhesive labeling on beverage cans, recyclability with aluminum cans, and the opportunity to market small batches cost-effectively.


Our digital label material swatchbook was created with designers in mind. In the wine, spirits and beverage industry, the label sells the first bottle. Visualizing your design is key in selecting the right label material.

Explore a vast range of wine, spirits, and beverage label materials, and bring your designs to life by using HD images of the chosen label material in your design software. 

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Design wine labels that sell the first bottle

Fundamentally, the first bottle of wine is sold by the label. It becomes then crucial that wine bottle labels are carefully designed to stand out and instantly catch the consumer's eye while expressing the unique qualities of the wine and the story behind. Discover our recommendations for designing the perfect wine labels, with insights combined from several academic studies.

Best practices for wine label design


Sustainable wine, liquor and, craft beer labels designed to meet your needs

Consumer demand for sustainable products and solutions has never been higher, making sustainable packaging a valuable asset for brands. For brands who are eager to stand out with pioneering sustainable solutions, we recommend products from our SmartChoice™ and SmartCircle™ portfolios.

Find the perfect sustainable material for your wine labels, liquor labels, and craft beer labels. Enable packaging recycling, and make your product stand out by showcasing your brand's sustainable values.

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Inspiration for wine, spirits and craft beer labels

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