Digital printing provides numerous benefits

Digital printing allows for the direct printing of high-quality labels onto label material using digital files without the need for traditional printing plates. It offers several advantages over conventional printing methods like offset or flexographic printing, making it an increasingly popular choice for packaging labels. Create eye-catching and customized labels while maintaining cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

  • Personalized packaging designs
  • Superior image quality
  • Quick prototyping and design changes
  • Shorter printing runs
  • Multiple product variations
  • On-demand printing
  • Sustainability benefits

We collaborate with OEMs on different printing technologies


Electrophotography printing

Electrophotography printing is also called laser, led, dry toner or liquid toner printing. It is the most commonly used digital printing technology. The printing happens via an electrostatic dot pattern which is created on the surface of a photoconductor drum. The used toner can be either dry powder or a liquid.


1. Liquid toner

(Liquid Electrophotography or LEP)

2. Dry toner



Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is a straightforward process where a print head deposits different colored ink droplets directly onto the label material in the shape of the desired image. Here we visualize the UV inkjet and the water-based inkjet methods.


1. UV inkjet

2. Water-based inkjet