Household product labels

In the home care market, labels matter more than ever — brand loyalty is a powerful force and making a lasting first impression is the key to brand success.


Set a new standard for aesthetics and performance

Balancing durability with aesthetics is one of the greatest challenges for brand owners and product designers in the home care industry. Home care product labels often come into contact with a variety of chemicals and extreme environments that could cause the label to deteriorate over time. Dive deeper into some of the key topics you should consider when designing and selecting label materials for home care products.


Ecodesign for home care product packaging

Design is the starting point for sustainable packaging. Our ecodesign approach guides us to select raw materials that reduce raw material needs, enable recyclability and provide renewable alternatives to fossils and lower environmental footprint over the lifecycle.


Label materials for rigid containers

Household chemical, detergent or laundry care product? High-clarity PP films are the best solution for rigid containers, such as glass or PET bottles. PP label materials are strong and robust. This durability is essential for open-closure labels and labels that require the ability to be repositioned.

Choose from:

  • UPM Raflatac Vanish™ PCR film labels for transparent labels that offer a no-label-look
  • UPM Raflatac PP White and PP Solid White for a high opacity or pearlescent effect
  • UPM Raflatac PP Silver for a bright, shiny appearance 

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Label materials for contoured containers

Prevent your label creasing or bubbling by choosing specialized label materials. Our adhesive labels, which are suitable for thick-walled containers such as HDPE bottles, feature long-lasting face materials and adhesives designed to withstand damp, humid or abrasive conditions. Choose UPM Raflatac Raflex Plus™ for excellent flexibility, no-label-look transparency or an optional glossy finish.

Combine Raflex Plus™ with:

  • FSC™-certified paper liners (FSC C012530)
  • Polyester (PET) liners for wet-out applications and high-speed label dispensing, or for label designs that require a no-label-look 

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Label materials for squeezable containers

Did you know that flexible plastics materials are used in 45% of all home care product packaging?  Labels for flexible containers must be resilient enough to endure repeated squeezing without distortion or lifting at the edge. Reliable PE film label materials are supple, strong solutions for squeezable containers.

Benefits of PE labels:

  • Excellent flexibility and strength
  • Suitable for large label sizes
  • Can be used to create a matte no-label look

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