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Ultra-thin clear films for beverage labels

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Introducing VANISH™ – the truly invisible label

UPM Raflatac’s new VANISH™ range of clear PET films redefines how companies can maximize brand representation while boosting quality and performance to new levels. With a 0.92 mil face stock, these thin products are the perfect canvas for innovative imagery previously considered unattainable by creative designers.

And their dimensional stability, excellent ink reception and dispensing properties simultaneously allow manufacturers to embrace new productivity gains and realize packaging material reductions throughout their processes.

​A disappearing act for beverage labels

VANISH™ films offer fresh, exciting choices in the beverage industry. Whereas pre-printed bottles and cans have been the way of the past, companies can now lower investment costs – and increase storage space – by making the switch to these ultra-thin, clear label stocks.

Not only will beverage manufacturers no longer have to maintain large inventory levels with the risk of a sudden change in messaging or graphics, they will also be able to employ new decorating methods (raised textures, scents, glow in the dark inks or UV fluorescent imagery), which can be key differentiators in the energy drink and bottled water markets, where the perception of premium taste is crucial. UPM Raflatac’s VANISH™ portfolio also increases the capability for companies to create small batches, seasonal brews or even spur-of-the-moment, event-specific options.

The best part? Each bottle and can will still appear to have a high-end, no-label look, and consumers won’t know the difference. And our water-whitening resistant adhesive ensures your brand will look as good coming out of the ice chest or cooler as it does on the shelf.

VANISH™ labels are ideal for:

  • Unique, irregular pattern shapes and graphics
  • Transparent inks/metallic designs
  • End-of-life recycling – these labels do not negatively impact the aluminum recycling process

VANISH™ benefits

  • True no-label look
  • Productivity gains - more labels per roll, few roll changes
  • Alternative to screen printing
    • More cost-effective
    • Faster design changes
    • Use bottles for different brands and designs
    • Less working capital – less bottles stocked
  • Water resistance
    • Passes 72-hour ice bucket test
  • Lower investment costs in space and minimums of pre and printed bottles and cans
  • Additional graphics capabilities 
    • ​​​Raised texture
    • Scents
    • Glow in the dark/UV fluorescence
    • Thermochromatic
  • Capability to create separate batches, seasonal
    or event brewing or expand flavor lines

VANISH label products

​For a full product range, please contact your UPM Raflatac representative

Sales code Product description
SY359F VANISH 92 RP76 0.92 mil PET
​​SY350W​​​​​VANISH 92 TC RP74  0.92 mil PET​
SY360G VANISH 92 TC RP76 0.92 mil PET             
SY799Q ​VANISH 120 TC RP76 1​.2 mil PET​

A premium appearance with an Ecodesign

VANISH is a remarkable achievement you’ll have to see to appreciate – but ironically, you won’t really see the label at all.

So, we invite you to visit our new Label Life tool, where you can assess the benefits of switching to VANISH from a comprehensive life. Contact your UPM Raflatac representative for more information.