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​​ BS5609 approvals

BS5609 Part II

BS5609 is a recognized British standard for pressure sensitive labels that are applied to dangerous goods transported by sea. Section two rates the performance of self adhesive label stocks in terms of sea immersion, dimensional stability, adhesion, artificial weathering, temperature cycling and color fastness. Section three relates to the durability of label printing.

UPM Raflatac label stocks which conform to British Standard, Section 2 for self adhesive labels for marine use can be found below:

UL Approved

UL is an independent product safety testing and certification organization which has published certifications for some UPM Raflatac pressure sensitive label stocks available in the US including:

Customers may verify UL certification through the UL web page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Online Certifications Directory"
  3. In the UL File number field enter MH26760
  4. Choose "Printing Materials – Component" link (PGJ12.MH26760)

Product certification may be verified by referencing the product descriptions listed above on the UL web site.

The products listed above are included in our small roll service program. Minimum order is one roll 6.5" x 1,500'. ​