Choose the right film face material

UPM Raflatac film face stocks are ready to make a starring appearance in all of your end-use applications.

Our product index gives you detailed information on each film face material, its appearance, use, printability and other technical values. ​

For rollsProperties and end-uses
A4 films »​A4 polyester (PET) and polyethylene (PE) based films are well-suited to laser printing. Use PET films and inkjet printing to meet the needs of SOHO, industrial and logistical, laboratory and product labeling applications.
​PE films »​Polyethylene (PE) films work with applications that require resistance to water, oil and chemicals. They conform well to package shapes and flex nicely with squeezable packaging. PE film is typically used in personal care and home care labeling.
​PP films »​Polypropylene (PP) films provide strong resistance to water, oil and chemicals. They are typically used on rigid bottles used for beverage and personal care applications that require excellent transparency and a ‘no-label look.’