FSC™ certification and PEFC™ certification for pressure sensitive labels

FSCTM ​​certification, from the Forest Stewardship Council™, and PEFCTM certification, from the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, are internationally recognized marks of well-managed and sustainable forest operations. These third-party, non-governmental organizations serve to promote and uphold best practices for sustainable forest management.


Label materials from FSC and PEFC certified paper

The forest certification process is designed to provide independent verification for buyers and users of forest-based products. These certifications ensure that the wood raw material used in products is legally sourced and originates from sustainably managed forests.

From an sustainable forestry perspective, FSC and PEFC certifications are very similar. However, FSC certification is more typical of large-scale industrial forestry operations, whereas PEFC certification often involves smaller, privately run forestry operations.

Forest certification promotes good governance, and helps combat deforestation and illegal logging. However, only around 10% of the world’s forests fall under these forest certification schemes, meaning that we still have work to do.

Traceable sustainability from certified sources

Chain of custody traceability for our wood-based materials ensures that we know the origin of the wood fiber for all our paper products throughout the supply chain.

All our production sites and terminals have both FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification. Each part of the chain is certified and audited by a third party on a yearly basis – this includes forests, pulp mills, paper mills, and label stock factories. But, regardless of whether the wood comes from certified forests, we always know its origin and can trace it back to the forest it came from.


Together we can achieve more

By choosing materials from FSC and PEFC certified forests, we aim for the highest levels of responsible sourcing and pass on these values to customers throughout the supply chain.

As the leading provider of sustainable paper labels, we also provide our expertise to help label printers make more sustainable choices and become certified themselves.

Our label material portfolio includes more than 850 forest-certified label products. By 2030, we have the ambitious goal of only sourcing paper from 100% certified sources.

​Do you make sustainable choices?

  • Our label material portfolio includes 850+ certified products
  • 100% of our production sites have both FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification

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