Stand out with sustainable and unique beverage labels

The beverage industry is well-known for its exceptional branding, but designing a label that stands out on the self is not enough. Utilizing efficient labeling technologies can make a big difference for your business. Our pressure-sensitive label technology will allow your production to be more efficient and flexible, allowing you to effortlessly use different label shapes and embellishments that elevate the look and feel of your beverage labels.

How your beverage label affects packaging recyclability and sustainability is more crucial than ever before. Developed in-house by world-class engineers, our wash-off film label materials enable your brand to achieve your recyclability goals without compromising design. Or go one step further and maximize your beverage packaging sustainability with our latest beverage label innovations. Pick Ocean Action, a label made from ocean bound plastic, or the wood-based Forest Film, and impress your customers. Download our Sustainable labeling guide to learn how your labels can make a difference. 


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Sustainable beverage labels

Consumers are more conscious of sustainable packaging than ever before, with most consumers willing to pay more for sustainable packaging (2020 McKinsey study). Recycling processes for beverage packaging are already on an advanced level in many countries, but what about your label material?

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by choosing more sustainable raw materials for your beverage labels. Regardless of whether you're looking for water bottle labels, beer labels, or juice labels, you can choose from a variety of sustainable label innovations that have the power to take your beverage packaging sustainability one step further.

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beverage label design that stands out

The art of beverage labeling – inspiration for a beverage label design that stands out

Whether purchasing water bottles, soft drinks, or beer, consumers are attracted to creative beverage labels that convey personality. Textured, colored and metalized papers or ultra-clear and white films can all be used to create highly-visual and informative labels that make beverages stand out on crowded retail shelves.

Our pressure-sensitive labeling technology offers the best personalization possibilities, allowing you to create a premium look and feel for your beverage labels.

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Choosing the right beverage label material

Extreme conditions can affect a label’s ability to stick and hold to a surface. Reach out to our experts to learn more about water-resistant labels for ice buckets, water-whitening-resistant labels for pasteurization, and labels for cold applications.

We also offer thin films for neck labeling, scratch-resistant labels for beer and soft drinks, and labels for curved PET bottles and uneven glass bottles.

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beverage packaging recyclability

Your beverage labels can make or break your packaging recyclability

Today, packaging recyclability is not just a nice-to-have; it is essential. Our wash-off solutions for PET containers enable the label to float off during the washing process and be collected for recycling. For glass bottles that are crushed and melted for recycling, our labels are designed to come off during the crushing process. Discover all about how to enhance your packaging recyclability with the right beverage label and adhesive choices. 

Beverage labels amplifying recyclability


How sustainable is your beverage label?

Assess the environmental impact of your beverage labels, reduce labeling costs and increase brand value. Use our roll and efficiency calculator and label life assessment tool to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


What is the right beverage label material for your product?

Beverage labels that make your brand stand out

Convey your brand's identity with labels crafted from carefully selected materials. Our beverage labels allow for decorative brand expression while ensuring that necessary information stays visible regardless of the conditions. We offer high-quality labels for branding all kinds of beverages. 


how to make your water bottle labels more sustainable

Water bottle labels

Discover the perfect water bottle labels for your brand. We offer a variety of water bottle labels, from ground-breaking sustainable innovations to recycling-efficient solutions. 

Maximize PET container recyclability and go circular with wash-off labels. Our wash-off adhesives, such as RW85C and RW65C, can undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET flake by-products. Read more about our sustainable labels to learn how to make your water bottle labels more sustainable.


Beer labels and cider labels

Find a way to stand out and express your brand identity with our decorative beer labels and cider labels. Whether you are a global cider manufacturer or a boutique beer brewery, your beer label or cider label design can make or break your beverage's success.

Use metalized, white or clear label materials to make your design come alive. Explore whether a no-label look would enhance your beverage design. We offer beer labels and cider labels for all types of containers.

juice labels for all types of juice containers

Juice labels

Appeal to your customers by choosing a juice label material that makes your brand feel special. Whether you want to stand out with juice labels that have an organic feel or if you are aiming for a more bright and playful image, our label experts are happy to guide you in your choice.

Explore textured paper materials for a distinct brand effect and an organic feel, or consider choosing wash-off labels that enhance recyclability. We offer juice labels for all types of juice containers.


soft drink label design needs to stand out

Soft drink labels

Soft drink labels are often the deciding factor for whether a consumer decides to buy your soft drink product, especially when it comes to the first purchase. Your soft drink label design needs to stand out and convey your brand image while performing in a challenging environment.

Soft drink labels can be exposed to heat, cold, moisture and condensation, and should remain in pristine condition. Furthermore, your soft drink label should enable efficient recycling for the soft drink bottle. Explore our selection of soft drink label materials to find the best fit for your product.

Energy drink labels

The energy drink market is very competitive, which is why standing out with original and compelling energy drink labels is crucial. Bring your energy drink labels to life and express your brand identity by utilizing our wide selection of label materials.

Use metalized, white or clear label materials, or choose our ultra-thin labels to go for a no-label look. Find the perfect energy drink label and explore our sustainable energy drink label material alternatives!

Canned cocktail labels

Make your canned cocktail labels speak for your product. Go for a no-label look with our Vanish™ PCR ultra-clear label. Vanish™ PCR is thinner than the industry standard, using less raw material and preserving valuable resources. Or maybe you're looking to tempt the buyer by stimulating multiple senses and going for a premium feel with textured paper labels.

Whether you're looking for metalized, white, clear, textured, or ultra-thin label materials, our versatile portfolio of canned cocktail labels will not leave you hoping for more. Our ground-breaking innovations in sustainable labels will help your product be a forerunner in sustainability.


Information labels for beverages


Labels guide, warn, and help consumers by delivering information. In addition to labels that are attached to the beverage itself, beverages are often packaged in a multipack wrapping that acts as an additional label for the product. We offer specialized information labels for:

    • Variable information printing
    • Secondary packaging
    • Secondary information labels for products that require additional information to be included on the product

Beverage labels with functionalities


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