RH30 high-performance hotmelt adhesive for demanding wine, spirits, and craft beverage applications

Hotmelt adhesives bring some key advantages when it comes to challenging wine, spirits, and craft beverage labeling applications.

Hotmelt adhesive RH30 provides reliable adhesion to keep labels firmly in place.

Heavy moisture can be a tricky problem for some adhesives, leading to labels peeling easily from glass bottles or shifting from their correct position. Hotmelt adhesives, however, have good overall adhesion and moisture resistance, helping them stay looking good for the lifetime of the product – even in ice-bucket conditions.

Traditionally, hotmelt adhesives have required more attention during conversion, meaning the choice between acrylic or hotmelt was always a compromise. RH30 makes the decision easier: it is a hotmelt adhesive that combines excellent high-speed converting properties with the reliable adhesion needed to keep labels firmly in place – regardless of shape or decoration.

Labels that maintain their good looks

In the competitive wine, spirits, and craft beverage market, the label is a key part of telling a brand’s story. RH30 ensures labels stay in place and maintain their appearance with:

  • High initial tack
  • Good overall adhesion
  • Excellent moisture and ice-bucket resistance

Smooth, efficient conversion

RH30 improves production efficiency compared to standard hotmelt adhesives thanks to faster conversion speeds and a reduced risk of adhesive bleed and subsequent build-up on rollers, leading to a reduced risk of matrix breaks.

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