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Enhance security with void protection

Ensure product integrity with high-security void labels | UPM Raflatac

Void films provide tamper-evidence and product authentication, protecting consumers and supporting their loyalty and trust in brands. They leave a text, pattern, or logo on packages and casings when the label is partially or fully removed, and they cannot be smoothed back down or repositioned undetected.

Our standard voids leave a sticky residue on the labeled substrate. When packages need to remain attractive and are part of a product’s value, UPM Raflatac No Tack voids leave a smooth and silky message that doesn’t attract dust or dirt.

Customized voids designed according to need

For special requirements we can create customized void solutions with texts, patterns, logos, and colors according to specifications from label end-users and brand owners. They are typically polyester (PET), but we also offer other filmic materials. These are designed for applications with highly demanding tamper-evident requirements, including pharma, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.

A range of features and finishes for void protection

Whatever your application, we have a void material that will enhance your brand while giving you the security you need.

  • Microvoid Blue PP TC 50 is a flexible material for labeling tightly contoured and small-diameter surfaces. The reduced void text size is ideal for smaller label sizes.
  • Void Clear TC 50 is a high-gloss, high-transparency polyester film with a checkerboard pattern.
  • Void Silver TC 50 is a metallized polyester film with a checkerboard pattern.
  • Void Text White TC 50 is a white polyester film with a ‘void’ text pattern.

UPM Raflatac Text void solutions come in white, gloss silver and matt silver. UPM Raflatac No Tack voids are available in matt silver and gloss clear while our checkerboard voids can be clear or silver.

Strong adhesives for void labels

RP37S is designed for use with film face materials, providing good initial tack and long-term adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces. It performs well in a broad range of applications with good resistance to water, chemicals, oils, and UV light, as well as offering excellent UV stability once labeled.

RP77 is a general purpose high-tack adhesive for white films in combination with paper liners. This softer adhesive is typically used in the labelling of uneven PE and PP surfaces, providing immediate repositionability and then strong final adhesion.

RC18 is designed for films in combination with paper and filmic liners. Ideal for end uses requiring very good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces, it offers good temperature and chemical resistance.

Void label products

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