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Customized solutions for security and brand protection

Customized solutions for security and brand protection | UPM Raflatac

​Anti-counterfeiting labels incorporate specific properties or combinations of features into the face material as a means of authentication. These safety labels are difficult to reproduce, and depending on the level of security used, their authenticity can be checked by brand owners, government agencies, or consumers.

A number of technologies can be used, but what they all have in common is their potential for customization. We start with the technology platforms described here, and then modify them to create materials that are unique to the brand owner or individual product. The most robust security labeling materials combine different measures to create a single label solution that is more effective and cost-efficient than using multiple single-feature solutions together.

Security papers

In addition to the frangibility offered by destructible faces, paper face materials offer a wide range of unique customization options. Different colors and strand lengths of visible or invisible security fibers can be used, or planchettes and threads with customized text or graphics. Real and simulated watermarks are another possibility, as is an anti-forgery chemical treatment to prevent alteration of label data. These options can be combined for a custom solution that matches your unique needs.


While standard holograms are mainly decorative, customized holograms are powerful allies in security labeling applications. We offer custom hologram designs based on 2D or 3D technologies.

All holograms can incorporate security features such as micro and nano-text, laser-activated information, and other hidden details. Custom designs can be registered in the Industrial Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) database for security and copyright protection.

Optically variable face materials

Optically variable films exhibit changes in aspect under various conditions. A color switch can occur when tilting the film or exposing it to a certain type of light.


Taggants of various kinds can be added to filmic and paper label stock. These range from generic covert taggants that can be read with a simple handheld reader, to forensic taggants requiring laboratory analysis.

Shadow print

A back imprint can be applied to the reverse of the label face material before the adhesive is coated – a feature that adds security by being an integral and inseparable part of the label. The text or image is customizable, and various security inks can be used. The shadow print is difficult to duplicate, impossible to remove undetected, and infinitely more secure than printing on the adhesive.

Tracking and tracing methods for converters

The methods available to label converters for tracking and tracing include printing variable information as a unique identifier on standard labels or anti-forgery paper, or writing information electronically to RFID tags or label inlays. This can be done by your printing house and is possible on most of our films and papers.

Variable information in itself provides a valuable security feature, enabling parties in the supply chain – as well as consumers – to verify the authenticity of goods. This information also provides greater visibility over possible goods diversion, lost inventory, and misplaced shipments, improving the overall accuracy of your supply chain.

Security and brand protection label products

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