RX15 bonds strongly, lasts for life.

​RX15 provides aggressive, strong and enduring adhesion in many of the most challenging conditions encountered by self-adhesive labels. Essential information remains accessible for the lifetime of machinery and devices like dumper trucks, wind turbines and solar panels.

RX15 Bonds strongly, lasts for life.
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 Aggressive adhesion

RX15 provides immediate, aggressive adhesion on polar substrates like metals, glass, polycarbonate and ABS plastic – even in the presence of moisture and at elevated temperatures. Labels grip without slip, staying exactly where applied in an instant.
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 Resilient cohesion

RX15 is chemically locked together for very high cohesion. This high internal strength provides extreme resilience to heat, chemicals, oil, grime, outdoor weathering and UV light. High cohesion also makes RX15 resistant to ageing, which means it keeps its extreme durability for the working lifetime of labelled goods.

 Progressive sustainability

RX15 provides extreme performance without resorting to solvent adhesives. That’s less energy and fewer resources in manufacturing, and freedom from hazardous air pollutants which present a risk to human health and the environment. Whenever it has become possible, solvent adhesives have been left in the past. RX15 assures your future, today.

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