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Date03.09.2019 SI
AdhesiveRP CRYO
Sales CodeRPCR
CompositionWaterborne acrylic
UseDesigned to perform in cryopreservation storage conditions all the way down to -196 °C. This adhesive is recommended for identification labelling on polypropylene (PP) cryogenic vials, tubes and storage boxes (PP and cardboard).
Typical technical values
Tack min7NFTM 9
Labelling temperature min-10°C
Service temperature min-196°C
Service temperature max121°C(steam autoclaving)
Additional infoLabel materials based on RP Cryo retain their adhesion on PP cryogenic vials, tubes and storage boxes over long periods of time, in both vapour and liquid phase in liquid nitrogen storage tanks. This adhesive withstands multiple freeze-thaw cycles (reconstitution can be done, for example, in ice water or a warm water bath; samples can later be returned to the liquid nitrogen storage tank). Stiffness of the face material, die-cutting direction, storage conditions and the container diameter can influence to edge-lifting. Raflex Plus WhiteTC / RP Cryo –laminate gets score less than 2 (moderate off-flavour) in a Sensory Analysis for Indirect Transition of Taste according to EN 1230-2 (Robinson test). Ruminant animal-derived materials are not used in the manufacture of RP Cryo adhesive.
ApprovalsAccredited laboratory has approved RP Cryo according to European requirements for direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuffs, as well as fatty foodstuffs with a correction factor of at least 2, or for which the foodstuff simulant D1 applies according to Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. In addition, labels coated with this adhesive may be used to label food packaging materials. According to FDA regulations, RP Cryo may come into direct contact with dry foodstuffs, or it must be separated from foodstuffs by a functional barrier. RP Cryo is approved from the patient safety point of view (migration tested) for labelling blood bags. The laboratory has EN ISO 17025 accreditation for analytics and ISO 17065 for certification.
Regulatory infoThe raw materials conform to EU 10/2011 and this adhesive is in compliance with the demands of the Code of Federal Regulations, Food and Drugs (FDA), 21 CFR Ch. I (April 1, 2013 edition) § 175.105.
DisclaimerThe performance of the product should always be tested in the actual application conditions. Our recommendations are based on our most current knowledge and experience. As our products are used in conditions beyond our control, we cannot assume any liability for damage caused through their use. Users of our products are solely responsible that the product is suitable for its intended application, and have determined such at their sole discretion. Users must comply with any applicable legislation and/or testing requirements for the finished article, and are responsible for bringing their products to market. This publication does not constitute any warranty, express or implied, and is intended only for the recipient and cannot therefore be transferred to any third party. We cannot assume any liability for the use of our products in conjunction with other materials. All our products are sold subject to UPM Raflatac’s general sales conditions, and you should ensure that any existing laws are observed. This publication replaces all previous versions. All information is subject to change without notice.

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