Why labels matter

Labels are everywhere and on everything we consume. Join us in creating new, more sustainable packaging designs and labeling a smarter future.


Creating circular value chains

Labels are an integral part of sustainable packaging designs. We challenge packaging designers to create bold concepts and brand managers to make sustainable choices for their social, environmental and economic value. Offering label products and services that enable our customers and brands to achieve their sustainability goals and ambitions is at the core of our business.


Labels in circular economy

Our circular thinking starts with the selection and mindful use of raw materials, followed by optimized ecodesign and several end-of-life solutions. We are searching and implementing new solutions for smarter and more circular labeling and packaging – for example, using removable labels to enable package reuse. Or matching right labels with right packaging material to optimize recycling.

Circular solutions are about reusing and recycling products and materials.

Find out how we helped Sonoco to reduce waste and improve recycling, and learn about our global commitments for creating circular economy for plastics and our participation in the initiatives of Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


We reduce the use of resources

From product design to engineering, reducing the use of resources can have a significant impact on the environment. With reduced use of raw materials, we can now offer thinner and lighter films with less grammage - without compromising the labels’ performance. Using less raw material also generates less waste and creates reductions of total consumer packaging. This also means higher efficiency for brand owners.

We promote recyclability

As our label is a physical part of your packaging, we want to enable the recyclability of your products. We have been, for example, in the forefront of development for wash-off adhesives, which enables recyclability of PET containers.

Turning waste into a resource is a key concept in the circular economy and an important part of our approach to sustainability. To support this, we have developed RafCycle™, a leading innovative recycling concept that offers a new life for label waste.

We choose renewable materials

When we design our products, we aim to move beyond the use of virgin fossil raw materials by choosing more renewable options, such as certified paper liners and other bio-based alternatives that meet the technical needs of more demanding packaging. Innovation and intelligent solutions enable more sustainable options that outperform older, less sustainable materials.