Guide to smart labels

RafMore by UPM Raflatac is a smart labeling solution that brings brands closer to consumers. By adding smartness to your labels, you can collect and share product information and brand content directly from your labels.


Why should brands add smartness into their labels?

Today brand owners are looking for innovative ways to manage the customer experience. With RafMore by UPM Raflatac smart labeling solutions, you can add end-to-end traceability for each product, shed light on blind spots in the supply chain, and create shortcuts to digital content and services that provide relevant information and value to your customers at all touchpoints. Explore our guide to find out how your brand can become the leader in customer experience by connecting your labels to the smart product label platform.

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In this smart labeling guide:

  • What makes a label smart?
  • Different kinds of unique codes and tags that enable label smartness
  • Five things you can do with smart labels
  • Smart label benefits for the product lifecycle