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Gezishan: Communicating the historical and cultural heritage with labels

​Gezishan, a wine producer from the Ningxia region in north-central China, has launched two new wines with labels that seek to convey the unique cultural heritage of two historical sites, Gezishan and Miaoshanhu. The labels also clearly embody the characteristics of the wine: grace, elegance, balance, and tranquillity.


1. Gezishan found the ideal solution for its wines from UPM Raflatac’s high-class product range with the help of the local expert team in China

2. Bronze foiling and embossing give the labels an artistic feel and a strong visual impact that enhances both the brand image and the shelf appeal

Gezishan chose UPM Raflatac's wine label material because its highly textured yet natural feel and paper shade gives the label a prestigious and timeless feel, matching the historical background and heritage of the brand. The printing process included techniques such as bronze foiling and embossing. They gave the label an artistic feel and a strong visual impact that enhanced both the brand image and the shelf appeal.

Wine bottles and a fruit plate

As a key partner in Gezishan’s new project, UPM Raflatac’s technical recommendations have helped the designers and label printers to meet the brand’s design and communication objectives. The printing and finishing of the label have been optimized to match the paper characteristics.

“Consumers today are paying more attention to products and look at all aspects of labels. Each wine label solution that we provide is designed to create both a visual and tactile experience. I am very pleased that our labels have laid the foundation for the success of the products and the success of the brand,” says Alex Tang, Business Development Manager of Wine, Spirits, and Craft Beverages, UPM Raflatac North Asia.

“The demand for wine in China has increased significantly in recent years. With the growing popularity of wine culture in China, consumers will inevitably pay more attention to the quality, taste, and branding of the products, so wine labels play a crucial role. UPM Raflatac was one of the first companies to engage in the domestic wine label business. We hope that our products will help elevate wine brands across the region,” Tang concludes.

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The name Gezishan is derived from the Gezi Mountain Relics and is the Chinese transliteration of Gezi Mountain. One of the new products was named Gezishan and the other Miaoshanhu, after a location on the Gezi Mountain where a temple faces a lake. The Miaoshanhu label brings together the temple, the lake, and the mountain to accurately convey the location’s historical origins.

UPM Raflatac labeling solution

UPM Raflatac Sandstone 95 / RP30 / WG65 is a high-end textured paper with a pleasant natural white shade. The high tactility of the paper makes it both stand out and gives a pleasant feeling when touched. At the same time the paper enables applying high quality printing and finishing techniques to really make it stand out on the shelf. Combined with UPM Raflatac RP30 permanent adhesive ensures that the label adheres well on the bottle and maintains its superior looks over the whole product life cycle.