Durable labels need to carry product information for the lifetime of a product – from domestic and industrial appliances to electronics or automotive parts


Durable labels that last a lifetime

Durable labels must endure heat, chemicals, solvents, water, mechanical strain and challenging outdoor conditions. Our solvent free label materials are resistant to many conditions, making them a more sustainable and dependable choice for all durable applications. Several of our durable labeling products have been tested and recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. who are an independent product safety testing and certification organization.


Durable labels for home appliances

We use water and energy in our homes to cook, clean and adjust the temperature within our home environment.  Labels for home electronics and other household goods must be able to endure long-term use and withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity within the home. Our range of durable labels for home appliances features moderate heat and chemical resistance and lasting adhesion for indoors and outdoors. 

Durable labels for transportation applications

Transportation applications are associated with extremely demanding conditions, including dramatic temperature fluctuations and repeated exposure to corrosive chemicals and abrasive grit. Whether applying a manufacturing label to a car engine or a tracking label to a marine shipping container, we offer a range of durable labels for yellow goods as well as automotive, marine, and aviation equipment.

Durable labels for industrial and office applications

Our durable labels for indoor machinery, industrial and office electronics and informational uses feature abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and moderate heat resistance. Talk to our experts about our solvent-free adhesive labeling solutions for polar and non-polar surfaces. 


Durable labels and sustainability

We’ve been revolutionizing the label industry since the 1970s, which is when we created the first water-based permanent adhesive. Continuing our tradition of revolutionary innovations, our solvent free RX adhesive labels offer circular solutions that are free from hazardous chemicals,  consume less energy and use fewer resources during manufacture. By choosing  UPM Raflatac SmartChoice TM, you can make your entire production chain more sustainable without compromising on performance.  


UL-listed labels  

Several of our durable labels have been tested and recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The UL marking is a stamp of high quality and reliability. There are three certification categories:

  • PGJI2 is an evaluation for TTR-printed labels. It tests adhesion to surfaces and the durability of printing in the US market
  • PGJI8 is an evaluation for TTR printed labels. It tests adhesion to surfaces and the durability of printing in the Canadian market
  • PGGU2 is a certification of the label material only 

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