Food safety legislation for the USA

FDA food & drug packaging regulatory status

Label end users are responsible for determining the regulatory requirements for the labels they use in food & drug packaging applications.

In the United States (U.S.), the responsibility rests with the food and drug manufacturers, packers and/or brand owners to evaluate its packaging materials for their intended use. Downstream users must ensure that these materials comply with the relevant regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) while ensuring they do not otherwise adulterate food and drug products from their intended use. Food and drug manufactures, packers and brand owners must also confirm that the packaging materials and components they choose are safe and technically suitable for their desired packaging intended use.

At UPM Raflatac, we are committed and dedicated to providing quality regulatory and product safety information on the label stock products we manufacture. We understand that the label you choose today should not only be safe for its intended use, but it must also perform in your application. With this in mind, we lead label stock industry good manufacturing practices in the following ways:

  • In addition to our certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS), UPM Raflatac is the first self-adhesive laminate supplier to have all factories in the U.S. certified according to the ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System (FSMS) standard.
  • Our management systems are continually certified and regularly audited by a third-party company.
  • We relentlessly follow all relevant legislation in the U.S. for food & drug packaging to ensure our dedicated label materials for food & drug applications are safe for desired intended uses. With this continuous improvement mind set, UPM Raflatac has further developed various pressure sensitive adhesives to meet various end use scenarios with respect to food and drug applications. Please note that UPM Raflatac has qualified adhesives that it uses to manufacture its various label stock products that can be used in compliance with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR § 175.105 (a)(2) – Adhesives. Please see link below for current list of qualified UPM Raflatac adhesives. Customers and partners can find even more detailed information by aligning with UPM Raflatac’s 2022 Food Safety Guidance document that is specifically intended for food and drug manufacturers, packers and/or brand owners.

FDA 21 CFR §175.105 (a)(2) – Adhesives Statement  

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