Fattoria La Maliosa case: Smart labeling and blockchain for natural wine

Other news 27.5.2021 11:49 EEST

A virtuous supply chain project makes it possible to create the first smart label for the world of natural wines. Complete information and transparency in the communication to the consumer on the wine production of the Maremma farm. On May 28th, the case will be presented as a preview at the SO AGRO agri-food sector festival.


The first smart labeling and blockchain project in the world of natural wines comes from the magnificent Maremma hills. Fattoria La Maliosa, a 165 hectares farm in the area of ​​Saturnia, in the province of Grosseto, has launched a project of transparency in consumer communication with some prestigious partners, enabled by the use of technology.

This project aroused from a banal but indisputable observation. Consumers increasingly ask for information on food products and want to know how they are produced, where they are made, and how they are processed. It’s a legitimate request that concerns both wine and food. Yet there is still little information that wine producers transfer to the label. Hence the intuition of Fabrizio Bernasconi, co-founder of RBA Design, with a long experience in packaging and design in the wine sector. Sustainability, transparency and authenticity are the elements that inspired the project: the idea of ​​expressing the distinctive values ​​of a company's products precisely through the potential of the label, transforming data into consumer information, and making packaging the first communication tool for the product.

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The intuition has become a reality thanks to the collaboration with other companies and found its application in the smart label created for Fattoria La Maliosa. The company, founded by Antonella Manuli, produces olive oil and natural wines using the Corino Method (patent pending and registered trademark of Lorenzo Corino and Antonella Manuli), which carries out a set of innovative agronomic processes for table grapes and wine production. The method favors the vitality of the soils, the healthiness of the environment, of producers and consumers. The Corino Method makes focused and innovative choices regarding environmental conditions, vines and optimal cultivation techniques for vineyards with a high conservation value of places and landscapes. The company certifies all the steps and has a lot of data available, which the consumer can access today. Thanks to the study made by IndaCO2, La Maliosa has since 2014 implemented a model that has been able to measure the sustainability and the carbon footprint of the farm and its products, delivering a platform of information that is among the most advanced in the segment and needed to communicate with transparency.

Thanks to the integration of the RafMore by UPM Raflatac smart labeling solution with the blockchain technology of MGA Milano Global Advisors provided through the partner Swiss Crowd, a virtuous circle has been created to give life to the first innovative project in the natural wines sector.


It has been deliberately decided to use this technology. It’s considered one of the most important innovations in recent years in the IT field, capable of securely certifying and logging any transaction or data. Wine is a complex supply chain as there is the quality of the raw material, different processes and precise rules and because obeying a disciplinary of origin means distinguishing oneself for characteristics and commercial appeal. All of these are very important elements for the consumer to get more details on the purchased wine. 

Today, through a simple QR Code printed on the label, a real smart label, consumers will be able to walk through the different stages of natural wine production: from the terroir to the harvest, from bottling to tasting, up to the assessment of the environmental impact of the entire production cycle. They will also have all the information on the Corino Method and the production process carried out by Fattoria La Maliosa. It is a great innovation, that allows having in-depth information and easy, comprehensive and certified access to information on the production and products of the Tuscan company.

Stefano Pistoni, Senior Manager Business Development Wine & Spirits of UPM and Antonella Manuli, Founder of Fattoria La Maliosa, will present the project on Tuesday 28th of May at 2:15 pm as part of the SO AGRO Festival of the agri-food sector during the speech "The value of the label between sustainability and digital innovation”.

The value of the project comes from the collaboration with other entrepreneurial realities, which together have allowed a path of product enhancement, starting from the vineyard and up to the table, reaching an optimal result. The new natural wine label of Fattoria La Maliosa is the result of a partnership between UPM Raflatac, RBA Design, MGA Milano Global Advisors, Eurostampa, Amorim Cork Italia and IndaCO2


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