RafMore smart label solutions

Transform ordinary product labels into smart packaging that tells an ever-evolving story and has a unique traceable identity with RafMore by UPM Raflatac smart labeling solutions.


Add digital services to your product packaging

RafMore is an innovative smart label solution that gives individual products unique digital identities and connects them to the web. RafMore uses Internet of Packaging (IoP) technology to log and share information about packages as they move through the value chain. Interactions with the labels are logged in the cloud, providing brands with improved supply chain visibility and real-time, actionable data.


Smart labels turn packaging into an asset

RafMore smart labels have multi-layered functionality. The same unique code can present different information to different users, depending on their user rights. This means the same code can be used for marketing, logistics, product authentication, origin tracking, recycling, and more. Easy and cost-efficient to implement without altering existing printing systems or product design, RafMore is much more than a label.


  • Gain real-time, actionable data for customer and sales insight
  • Improve inventory management and value chain insight
  • Improve your user experience
  • Measure marketing and packaging design change impact
  • Reach sustainability goals by reducing packaging waste and recycling
  • Use with any standard, machine-readable code
  • Plug in to your existing systems and APIs
  • Cut investments in infrastructure, software, and heavy IT integration

The first smart labeling and blockchain project in the world of natural wines