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Story | 06/25/2020 13:07:38

Alliance Graphics and Printing: Delivering high quality film labels with UV Inkjet technology

Alliance Graphics and Printing faced persistent issues with the label stock they were using with their UV inkjet printers. “We had to fight streaking and pinholes in the print,” says Alliance President Jeff Birmingham.


1. Alliance was running into quality issues on various label stock prior to working with UPM Raflatac and using SY887R Premium Gloss UVI.

2. SY887R enables consistent printability at higher quality and at higher speeds than other stock for UV Inkjet printing.

3. The enhanced label quality gives brand owners increased confidence, which means repeat business for Alliance.

These issues were finally resolved once the Houston-based printer switched to UPM Raflatac PP Gloss White UVI film label stock. Boasting superior printability, excellent ink adhesion and consistent performance, the label material is optimized for UVI printing.

 “The print quality is noticeably better than any other stock we have used and the product prints much nicer and at higher print speeds,” Birmingham says. “The face stock is very smooth and works very well for our UV inkjet presses.”

Visible differences in label quality 

Alliance customers in the craft beverage industry have noticed a huge improvement in the end product. Birmingham points to one customer in particular – a Houston-based distillery – that noticed a difference in label quality and appearance since switching to Alliance labels made with UPM Raflatac’s premium gloss UVI film product.

For converters like Alliance, enhanced label quality means satisfied customers. “That means repeat orders,” Birmingham says, adding that brands that use the product will have a “much nicer looking product on the shelves.” Birmingham notes the UPM Raflatac label stock is ideal for any end user that wants “big solids and lots of color to jump out on their labels.”

Beverage labels are only one of many end use applications for UPM Raflatac PP Gloss White UVI film label stock. “There are multiple end uses in industries such as health and beauty, industrial chemicals, logistics and transport, and more,” says Kirit Naik, Director of Global Digital Printing Technologies at UPM Raflatac.

The product’s outstanding quality and consistent performance make it ideal for superior UV inkjet printing applications, according to Naik. “This product answers the unmet need for UV inkjet printable materials with variable printing information using thermal transfer printing,” he says.

UPM Raflatac’s customers may also enjoy added value by using this label stock, Naik notes. The material’s exceptional performance means customers don’t need to apply expensive overlaminate to overcome thermal transfer printing gaps, in turn reducing costs.

Building a valuable partnership

The relationship between UPM Raflatac and partners like Alliance extends beyond providing innovative labeling solutions and helping their business stay on top of industry trends.

“We value the expertise that UPM Raflatac’s people bring to the table – their sales team is technically astute,” says Birmingham. “Anybody can talk about anything, but the UPM Raflatac sales representative really knew his stuff when it came to labels and label materials. That’s what makes UPM Raflatac stand out, and what’s truly special about our partnership with them.”

To learn more about UPM Raflatac’s PP Gloss White UVI film label stock or to order samples, please contact your sales representative.