Story | 09/08/2017 09:55:00 | 3 min Read time

Puerto de Indias gin: A pioneering product in both flavour and design

Puerto de Indias Gin, manufactured in Carmona, Seville, Spain, was the first in its sector to launch a strawberry-flavoured gin. The packaging’s evocative cosmetic style is attributed to its elaborate and baroque appearance.

“Puerto de Indias gin is as much of a design as it is a pioneering product,” states Guillermo Afonso, Design Manager from Avanza Packaging. “The design of the bottle is inspired by Seville’s Tower of Gold, and it even has the same number of facets as the historical tower itself. The name of the gin comes from the custom of unloading treasures from the Indies at the Tower of Gold.”

Puerto de Indias’ gin bottle has two different label materials from UPM Raflatac. The hallmark stamp is created using Aluminium Super Emboss material, a metallised paper that has been embossed with ink to achieve a coin-like effect.

“For the hallmark stamp we used flexography to achieve greater colour intensity, after which a matte lacquer finish was applied, giving the material an aged look,” says Juan Macho Rodríguez, Sales Manager for printing house Etiquetas Macho. “It is a bit of a difficult material to work with, as great care is required both when handling it and during the die-cutting process. Aside from that, it is a wonderful material for applying mechanical embossing because a remarkable volume is achieved.”

The second label displaying the brand’s name is Silver Orion WSA, used with a constellation technique. It uses black paper with a transparent 3D-effect varnish for the background and a pink embossed stamp.

“This material has a very beautiful sheen, although it was chosen for its texture. It is very versatile and easy to use and its adhesive has ideal properties for use on glass, as is the case with Puerto de Indias gin,” Macho says.

Guaranteed success with UPM Raflatac’s labels

Both the designer and the printing house have been happy with the final result of Puerto de Indias gin and their collaboration with UPM Raflatac.

“The label and the design work together with the product and the target audience, with whom it has become very popular. Everything is part of a shared design, and both the final result and its reception have more than met our expectations,” Afonso notes. “We decided to use UPM Raflatac’s label materials because of their wide range of special papers, which offer exceptional versatility during manipulation and when tailoring the material to the shape of the bottle. The quality of their materials undoubtedly makes it a safe bet.”

“UPM Raflatac and Etiquetas Macho have had a very close relationship for a long time. For us, it is more of a relationship between collaborators working towards the same goal and helping one another to achieve it, rather than just a supplier-client business relationship. We feel that UPM Raflatac has done its utmost to provide solutions in the field of spirits with very good results; we often use their materials for both Puerto de Indias and other clients, and it is always a guarantee for success,” Macho says.

Client: Puerto de Indias Gin 
Designer: Avanza Packaging 
Printing house: Etiquetas Macho
Label material: UPM Raflatac’s Aluminium Super Emboss and Silver Orion WSA