Level up your service offering with RafCycle label waste recycling

Brands need a simple way to manage label waste. By joining UPM Raflatac’s RafCycle Partner Program, you can offer the solution—label release liner waste collection and recycling. Collect release liner waste from customers and leave the recycling to us. Partners receive local, hands-on support and complimentary RafCycle material pickup from their central collection point. This value-added benefit helps customers avoid additional disposal costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and meet their sustainability goals. And the best part? RafCycle is easy to implement, cost-efficient and supports the circular economy.

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RafCycle partnership is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Establish collection process & logistics

Establish your collection process and program logistics. Identify participants for the liner waste collection and recycling service. Plan transportation logistics, considering options like backhauling or brand delivery. Determine storage locations for collected materials until the RafCycle pickup threshold is met.

Promote RafCycle recycling service

Promote your label release liner waste collection and recycling service to customers. As a RafCycle program partner, you will receive hands-on support and a partner tool kit, complete with program information and promotional materials. Sales team training is available upon request.

Celebrate partnered recycling efforts

Celebrate your success as part of the RafCycle Partner Program. After one year of participation, you will be eligible to receive a RafCycle certificate. Display your certificate to highlight the impact of collaborative recycling efforts and show your commitment to improving the sustainability of the labeling industry.


“At UPM Raflatac, our goal is to make liner recycling easy, widespread, and accessible. Our converter partners are an integral part of this initiative. Together, we can significantly impact the sustainability of the labeling industry.”


Michael Garretson

Michael Garretson
Manager, Recycling and Circular Solutions



Drive sales and support the circular economy

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